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DAT - Scott Howard

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After much searching here, I chose Scott Howard for a group of 5 this past Saturday night for dinner. The attraction was that they were offering samplings of their normal menu for DAT options, not "special" or watered-down version of their usual offerings, or worse yet something totally different as I think many of the restaurants do in this promotion. The meal was excellent, with highlights being the Short Ribs, the Monkfish, and the Carrot soup, which I have read about here and elsewhere. Overall, we were very impressed with the amazing decor and look of the place and the experience was great, although the portions were a bit small and my dessert was not up to par with everything else (skip the chocolate cake). Plus we ordered a side dish of polenta and brocolli rabe which our server forgot about and didn't bring until we were almost finished with our meals, and then it wasn't very good (I thought they should have taken it off the bill but no such luck). Still, for the DAT price of $32 it was well worth it to experience this highly-rated and talked-about place.

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  1. Thanks! I have been waiting to try Scott Howard...sounds like DAT is a good way to do it!

      1. Thanks for the report! -- I am also going to SH for the DAT this week.
        You didn't like chocolate cake?
        Hmmm, that's what I was planning to order...
        Maybe I'll have Butterscotch pudding instead, then.

        1. Thanks to all the great reviews and some constant refreshing on Open Table, I was able to squeeze myself and my dining companion into an 8:30 reservation tonight! I am very much looking forward to it (and the Butterscotch pudding!)