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Jan 8, 2007 10:57 PM

What are your weeknight standbys?

It's a new year and we have resolved to eat out less (gasp, not very Houndish) to save money. Looking for some tasty and preferably health recipes that can go on the table quickly after a long day at work. We just got a crockpot, so make ahead and slow cook all day works too. Just nothing that will take more than 30 minutes in the morning including chopping stuff.

So, what are your regular dinner menus?

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  1. My emergency food is quesadillas. You can fill them with pretty much anything. I'm trying to eat healthy so I use whole wheat tortillas, beans, and low fat cheese. Sometimes meat. I layer in spinach also.

    1. I just baked some boneless skinless chicken thighs in Annie's Organic BBQ sauce (marinate overnight in sauce)


      Some faux baked beans. 1 can of canellini beans drained and rinsed. Sautee an onion and a few garlic cloves in OO, add Applegate Turkey Bacon, a spoon of brown sugar (I used the splenda kind), a spoon of mustard, some tobasco, chopped tomatoes and organic ketchup, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Cook in a sautee pan til flavors are combined.

      Took about 20 minutes total.

      1. Crockpot beef burgundy - super-simple morning prep; smells wonderful when you walk in the house from work! This is from Mabel Hoffman's "Crockery Cookery" cookbook, now posted on

        1. Chicken curry, using boneless chicken, takes me about half an hour. And the rice cooks simultaneously.

          1. Stir fries are an obvious solution.

            Quesadillas (as mentioned) and other tortilla dishes are super quick.

            Whole-wheat couscous is ready in minutes. You can add canned beans, steamed veggies and dried fruit for flavor.

            I also fall back on eggs - they're really versatile. I had a frittata phase, but now I'm into a soft-poached egg over salad or roasted veggies.