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Jan 8, 2007 10:57 PM

BBQ in Kansas City

We are coming to KC on the 19th for the annual KCBS banquet. One of the things we like to do is find great BBQ for a night out. I welcome suggestions.

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  1. I haven't been there yet, but I've had my eye on a new place in downtown KCK called Jones BBQ

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      well dont go i went today and ordered a combination plate with beef and sausge and when i gt the order i got six small strips of beef.. i could not believe it..... i took a friend from out of town.. and he was shocked and the serving... it was a total ripoff....for 9.50 , i should have went to bryants in stead...

    2. Hi
      I live in KC with relatives who are BBQ crazy. There are two types of BBQ to see in KC, the old style BBQ's that have survived since the 1950's and the new generation of places. Of the old style African American traditional the most famous is Arthur Bryants and after that is LC's. Both are an experience in food and atmosphere. Bryants is near downtown KC, made famous by Harry Truman and then a parade of visiting presidents. In fact, maybe every president but the current. LC's is out by the stadiums on the East side of town look for the smoke. I like LC's more but that is personal preference. Of the new generation I think the consensus I hear is the jackstack barbecues, grew out of a KC tradition, there is one by the Union Station / crown center / crossroads art district and another one on the plaza. But there are many many other fine places, it is an obsession here.

      1. I was returning to Westport from Raytown via Blue Parkway about 10 days ago and the timing was right to pull into LC's for a fix since I'd not been there for a few months and had a desperate hankering for burnt ends.

        As much as I've loved and yacked about LC's, I now sadly report that the burnt ends were so full of huge hunks of fat and bone chopped right into the meat that it was inedible. And the only side I got was baked beans and they so powerfully tasted like a massive overdose of Liquid Smoke that I couldn't eat them either.

        Since I'd gotten to-go and brought it home, I didn't have the umph to haul back out and all the way over there to get a refund. Heckuva waste of $11+.

        I don't get burnt ends often and I've had very tasty ones from LC's in the past. Don't know if I just got 'em on a bad day or if they've changed something significantly in how they do things. But when probably 1/3 of the weight of the "meat" was huge hunks of fat and there were big and tiny shards of bone so entangled with the meat that you only discovered it when you bit into it, well, that gives me pause the next time I'm thinking about getting barbeque. :(

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        1. re: KCJ

          I've had LC's burnt ends, exactly twice. First time was a few years ago on a trip visiting. One of the highlights of my barbecue life.

          Second time was a couple months ago, having since moved to town. Didn't live up to my memory, which would have been difficult or impossible. Still good, but not transcendent. I did not, however, have Jane's experience with too much fat and bone. Certainly something to be on the lookout for. It's going to take a long time to get my BBQ bearings in this town.

          1. re: Aaron Deacon

            As a recent visitor, I can only repeat what I reported a couple of weeks back. The burnt ends at LC's were disappointing but everything else there (that we tried) was great. Particularly the ribs and beans (yes, they were the smokiest, but that's why they stood out).

          2. re: KCJ

            This mirrors my only LC experience. I'd read raves about them on this board, but I felt the burnt ends were dry and tasteless. If convenience stores sold burnt ends, this is what they'd be like. I was also disappointed with my last two trips to Smokestack in NE KC near I-35. I don't think my memory's playing tricks on me, exaggerating how good burnt ends used to be, because I felt Jack Stack's in Midtown came close to living up the "good old days" of Jake Edwards and the Smokestack on south Highway 71.

          3. Thank you all LC's is tempting because we are by the stadium. We have already done Bryants and BB's lawnside.

            1. My favorite is Jack Stack located in Martin City which is just south of KC (135th St. and Holmes Rd.). Best burnt ends and onion rings in town. I'm always too stuffed to try dessert but those look really good to.