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What is your baby eating currently that cracks you up?

Whether it is precocious, or a strange combination, or funny for some other reason.

My 12 month old just gobbled up a dover sole fillet for dinner yesterday, that we cooked en papillote with orange slices, scallions, and black bean sauce. Who knew? My four year old took a bite and prounounced it "yucky."

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  1. My niece (about 14 months) loves both rabbit fricasse (boned with strong mustard) and bison carbonnade (made with dark beer and bitter smoked paprika).

    1. My 55-week-old niece eats anything she can get her chubby little hands on -- to answer your question literally, I thought it was pretty funny out at dinner one night when she kept stealing radicchio out of my Mom's salad; I guess the most exotic thing she ate was a white cheese lasange with white truffle oil.

      She eats mostly whatever her parents eat, and as far as I know, hasn't balked at anything. My sister says that she has started to be more discriminating and showing preferrences, though (you can't give her fruit until she's eaten other stuff you want her to eat, or she'll just eat fruit).

      1. My daughter's first regular food (not pureed) was a garlic bagel. She delicately picked off the toasted garlic pieces, ate them and then gnawed the bagel - she cried the entire way home in her car seat when we took it away from her for the drive (we were afraid she'd choke).

        Her chosen grocery store 'bribe' (what she'd get if she were good the entire time) was an whole garlic pickle from the deli. My car reeked of garlic for years.

        1. From age 15 months, my daughter liked to eat artichokes. She actually uses her front teeth to rake the meat off the leaves.

          1. My eight year old son's favorite food is kale. And his second favorite is snow pea shoots. And we're not vegetarian by any stretch of imagination.

            1. The first food my baby really loved was blueberries. Discovered in that brief period when local/in season ones were readily available. We were surprised the first time she rejected them - looked at the package, realized they weren't local, then tasted them ourselves... not so good!

              At 13 months she still eats most things we give her (which would be whatever we eat), but she is starting to show some pickiness. She'll pick the meat out of a stew and leave the vegetables. She doesn't seem to like beans much anymore - I think it's the texture as she rejects them after touching but not eating. I've also seen her approach a mixed presentation (say cheerios, cherry tomatoes and blueberries all scattered on her plate) in order - eating all the blueberries, then all the tomatoes, then some cheerios. So I do think pickiness and seemingly weird eating habits can be natural.

              Last weekend we were invited to a Ukrainean Christmas feast. It was strange that we had to offer things several times before she'd try them, but she ended up quite fond of the kasha/poppy seed/almond dish, and she loved the borscht!

              1. One of the first things our little one ate that amused us was the bread dipped in balsamic vinegar. She couldn't get enough of the balsamic. (Still prefers bread over all else.)

                I'm still amused that both my girls (3 and 7) are so into smoked salmon. And brie!

                1. My daughter-- age 7-- was asked at her dr's appt her favorite food. The dr smiled and said "chicken nuggets? ice cream?". My daughter smiled back " I loved marinated mushrooms and my mommy's seared scallops"

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                      Oh my gosh that is too cute and reminds me of my youngest son Jordan, who loved my "Shicken Spacatta" with the "Papers" He is still a source of entertainment for me!

                    2. My now 4-year-old's first non-baby food was tortellini with pesto. The only problem is it has to be my homemade pesto. She actually rejected various store brands without knowing they were from the store. "Pasta with pesto" is still by far her favorite although any kind of fish, fresh or smoked, gets a great reaction.
                      No sauces - other than pesto - are allowed on anything, though. Preschool eating habits. Aargh, I can't wait for this phase to pass.

                      1. It cracks me up more when I see my baby self feed. She's good with a spoon, meaning she knows how to hold it and put it in her mouth. Balancing the food on her spoon is a whole other skill. It kills me when I see her devour her food with her entire hand. She literally grabs her food and sticks all fingers in her mouth.

                        I told a friend that I was making my baby soft polenta with sauteed mushrooms and onions. She assured me that it was a great idea and warned me that some kids don't like mushrooms due to the texture. My baby loved it and her hand was all over it!

                        1. my 2 year old & i goto the bagel shop almost everyday and have everything bagels w/ garlic herb cream cheese. she loves it.

                          1. Quite some while ago, we took our then-new son to Nevarez Mexican Restaurant in Santa Barbara. He was in a baby-seat/carrier which we set on the counter up front. He watched with interest as my wife received a plate of their excellent chicken enchiladas, and waved and gurgled that he wanted a taste. My wife cut off a tiny piece (he had no teeth at the time) and put it in his mouth. This was the first solid food he had ever had.

                            He had a huge reaction and waved his arms and demanded more. The upshot, he ate an ENTIRE chicken enchilada as his first solid food, delivered in tiny pieces and gummed right down. Mr. Nevarez made my wife a replacement enchilada, on the house.

                            Mr. and Mrs. Nevarez thought the whole thing was hysterical, and we were always welcomed with open arms when we came.


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                              What a fantastic story!!! Of all the stories so far I think this one is my favorite!!!
                              I can just see his little face wreathed in a big smile and covered in bright red enchilada sauce.

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                                We had a similar experience with our first granddaughter at our favorite Chinese Restaurant. Our daughter works for us and brings baby Chloe to the office everyday. Chloe always wants whatever we are having instead of the smushy baby stuff. Chinese pan-fried noodles are her favorite.
                                We went to the restaurant one night with the whole family and our daughter proceeded to feed Chloe everything that she wanted. Her husband, in horror, asked if she should be eating that. Daughter,"What do you think Chinese babies eat?"
                                Chloe's been eating Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Thai, etc. eversince.

                              2. Recently I offered my 3-year-old son onigiri (Japanese rice balls) with the nori on the side, and banana slices for a pre-flight snack. (We were in the airport about to fly cross-country.) He decided to eat the rice balls, then wrap the bananas in nori and eat them. He liked the "bananigiri" so much that went through an entire (huge) banana and many sheets of seaweed that way. I couldn't decide if it was gross or incredibly cutting-edge.

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                                  We were served banana / black rice "dessert sushi" recently at an AYCE sushi joint - so maybe gross over cutting edge ;) The sushi neophyte at the table liked it.

                                2. When 3 kids were young they loved greek salad. They're all in their 20's now and still call it "stinky salad"

                                  1. While a baby, my daughter liked frozen peas (while still frozen), raw oatmeal, and foie gras, and she still does (she's 12 now).

                                    Once, when she was only 2, we took her to a French restaurant and she ate ALL of my fish and ALL of my husband's rabbit. He and I had to go home and eat afterward.

                                    1. We took our three year old to France where she ploughed through the confit, steak tartare, stinky cheeses, foie gras...and always wanted a little bit of my wine and champagne.

                                      1. my 2 year old twin nieces kept me very busy at their birthday recently demanding MORE of my husband's (pretty spicy) jambalaya! One of them also loves to eat beans - navy, pinto, etc. - right out of the can. one by one, with her fingers of course. ;-)

                                        1. From the age of 7 on my son has loved cavier. Became a ritual to eat a (SMALL) tin of cavier as we packed his duffel bags to go to camp each summer.
                                          He's just about to graduate from college so he should probably get himself a good job to support his cavier habit.

                                          1. Ok he is a chowhound. At dinner at a restaurant - we always ask for seating in the rear as not to bother anyone JUST in case...and he has not so far, he is a very considerate diner.
                                            At 1 year old, he ate a delcious roll dipped in the bowl of spicy chili I ordered. I was afaid it might not agree with him, but well we gotta try. I didn't give him a lot, just the sauce on the roll. But at 1, he kept pulling my arm for more, it seems he is developing his palate. Time to break out the baby chopsticks....