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Jan 8, 2007 10:45 PM

What is your baby eating currently that cracks you up?

Whether it is precocious, or a strange combination, or funny for some other reason.

My 12 month old just gobbled up a dover sole fillet for dinner yesterday, that we cooked en papillote with orange slices, scallions, and black bean sauce. Who knew? My four year old took a bite and prounounced it "yucky."

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  1. My niece (about 14 months) loves both rabbit fricasse (boned with strong mustard) and bison carbonnade (made with dark beer and bitter smoked paprika).

    1. My 55-week-old niece eats anything she can get her chubby little hands on -- to answer your question literally, I thought it was pretty funny out at dinner one night when she kept stealing radicchio out of my Mom's salad; I guess the most exotic thing she ate was a white cheese lasange with white truffle oil.

      She eats mostly whatever her parents eat, and as far as I know, hasn't balked at anything. My sister says that she has started to be more discriminating and showing preferrences, though (you can't give her fruit until she's eaten other stuff you want her to eat, or she'll just eat fruit).

      1. My daughter's first regular food (not pureed) was a garlic bagel. She delicately picked off the toasted garlic pieces, ate them and then gnawed the bagel - she cried the entire way home in her car seat when we took it away from her for the drive (we were afraid she'd choke).

        Her chosen grocery store 'bribe' (what she'd get if she were good the entire time) was an whole garlic pickle from the deli. My car reeked of garlic for years.

        1. From age 15 months, my daughter liked to eat artichokes. She actually uses her front teeth to rake the meat off the leaves.

          1. My eight year old son's favorite food is kale. And his second favorite is snow pea shoots. And we're not vegetarian by any stretch of imagination.