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Jan 8, 2007 10:34 PM

Caribbean Food in the Valley?

Does anyone know of a good Caribbean or Vegetarien restaurant (Indian- ok) with good good, good service that can hold a large party in the LA/Valley/Pasadena areas?

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  1. Coley's Caribbean just opened a coupleof months ago in North Hollywood on Magnolia Blvd. Just east of Vineland. So far, everything I've had from them has been very good and the service has been outstanding.

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    1. re: GVDub

      You have got to be kidding on your opinion about Coley's. Either your're on the take/payroll or you're have a vested interest in this dump! Allow me to share my "Coley's Experience" back in Nov.
      All I can say is do not waste your time or money on this place!

      1. re: Ollie

        Uh, neither. We've eaten there several times and the food and service have both been good- not great, but good. We've had a couple of the curries (goat and chicken) and the oxtail, as well as grabbing patties to go. The rice and peas is the traditional jamaican rice and peas, not red beans and rice. They're two different dishes, and if the rice and peas tasted like red beans and rice, people familiar with traditional Caribbean cuisine would be complaining.

        I'm not saying it's the best Caribbean food I've ever had (but then again, the Jamaican restaurants in South Queens are a bit far away for a convenient dining experience), but it's decent enough not to avoid the place, and, in fact, to return and try more of their menu.

        1. re: GVDub

          It's a shame I have nothing to compare it to either...all I know is that I was left with no desire whatsoever to go back or even recommend Coley's Carribean to anyone!

          1. re: Ollie

            Have you been to Port Royal on 14th and Broadway in the People's Republic of Santa Monica? How does it compare?

    2. The place is kinda drab looking. But they probably opened to cater to the local movie studios so I'm sure they can handle it.

      1. Caribbean: Cha-Cha-Cha's?!? I know they used to cater to very large parties. However, I haven't eaten there in a while, it used to be good, is it still???? (the one in the SFV, Encino area, that is)

        Indian: Hmmmm....there are soooo many wonderful Indian restaurants in the SFV and Pasadena areas...

        Vegetarian: I live near "Follow Your Heart" and I've always enjoyed their soups and their vegan Rueben, but they are NOT posh, not AT ALL, just a nice neighborhood veggie place. Everyone at the restaurant has always been wonderful and professional. (I do think they cater to larger private parties???)

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        1. re: Mermazon

          Cha-Cha-Cha is gross but I like the Portageuse rolls like back home in CT.

          1. re: Mermazon

            Cha Cha Cha in Encino closed last Valentine's Day, and is now the Coral Tree.