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Top three red wines at TJ's

To save myself trips to different stores, I'm looking to put together a gift basket from TJ, with red wine (and TJ chocolates, nuts, fruit) included. If you had to choose your top three at Trader Joe's, what would it be?

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  1. What price range are you working with?

    1. Good question. Anything $30 or below is reasonable.

      1. TJ's is slowly amassing the selection of your ordinary supermarket. It'd be tough to recommend 3 wines from TJ's in that price range that are exclusive or near-exclusive to TJ.

        The only one I can think of the Rosenblum Syrah (2003)... which should be priced at $27 if the particular store carries it.

        Besides that, everything else that's decent may be a wine you could find at your local Vons for a similar price.

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          Thanks, though the wine doesn't have to be exclusive to TJ. It's just convenient for me to pick one up there. :)

        2. I would recommend Conn Creek's Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2003. Available at my local TJ's for about $20. It does well with a little breathing time in the glass. The others that I am about to recommend are not outstanding, but for the price, I like them very much:
          Twin Fin Pinot Noir for about $6
          Bear's Lair Merlot for about $4 (this might be exclusive to TJs as I've never seen it elsewhere and there seems to be no winery by that name - or at least none with a website.)
          Santa Ema (Chilean) Cabernet Sauvignon for about $4
          Clos Du Bois Zinfandel - dunno if TJ carries it, but likely, since I know they carry Clos Du Bois Chardonnay.

          I haven't looked for this one in Trader Joe's but you could ask if they carry it - Mirassou Cabernet Sauvignon 2002. I've had that vintage and it was delicious. I've seen the 2003 vintage in Ralphs for about $9. If this is available in TJ's, it would be my second choice after Conn Creek.

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          1. 3 top TJ's Wines

            Zonin Prosecco (Light and fun a great way to start a meal)
            Coppala Claret (Just a Mellow all around good red)
            Castoro Viognier (Full Bodied Paso Robles White)

            1. I bought a 2001 Reserve Marques de Riscal Rioja at TJ's for $16.99 and it was simply stellar, just a wonderful bottle.

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                $17 is full retail for the 01 Riscal, not a bargain, just so u know. It's available in NYC (PJWine) for $10. It is a really good wine. Yes, I am sorry you aren't in NYC...but you guys get Bell's beer...
                By far the best wine I had from TJ's in the past year was their $3.99 Espiral Vinho Verde, perfect summer wine!

              2. I just bought a case of Stonehedge Cabernet Sauvignon at TJ today. I think it's $12.99 a bottle and it is outstanding. We also love Ruston Cabernet Franc from TJ. I'm not sure about the price but I think it's right around $20. Also excellent.

                1. It may be just me, but I like their Bordeaux's (better than any of their other reds)

                  1. Well, they have this really good merlot called Barefoot. It has a rating in the 90's and it only costs $4.99 a bottle! I got a few bottles last night.

                    They sell Sterling Cabernet which I like a lot, and I noticed last night that they have Chateau St Michelle merlot (I love it, and it's about $15) and they also have the one with the picture of the wolf on it. I can't remember the name, but I've had it, and it's really nice and it usually costs in the $30+ range, but they sell it there for about $20 I think.

                    1. Recent favorites include Rosenblum SF Bay (15), Colombia Crest Merot (8), Concha y Toro Camenere (8).

                      1. Finca Solana. It's a $6 Rioja--black fruits, currants, a bit of tar. Really an excellent wine. Organic & Unfiltered.
                        I tried a $14 Barolo that I picked up on Friday. Mostly an emulation of what a Barolo can be, but it really did have some of the nebbiolo characteristics.
                        Their non-branded Alsacian Gewurtz is also pretty good. At $4, you can't go wrong.

                        1. I like the Columbia Crest Cab for $9, the Chateau St Michelle wines are good as are the Concha Y Toro Marquis de Casa Concha Cab for $15 is also really good.

                          1. Skip the $4.99 Argento Malbec, it's atrocious.

                            1. I like Columbia Crest, but I prefer the Grand Estates or Reserve to the two vines stuff.