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Jan 8, 2007 10:10 PM

Lou's - wine bar

How is it??

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    1. Those are certainly two important words! In a bit more detail, Lou has a nice, unusual selection of wines at decent prices and tasty snacks to accompany the wine, especially the olive plate and the aforementioned pig candy (sort of a candied bacon snack). Although it is certainly possible to make a dinner out of a few small plates, salads and the main-dish special, it ends up getting pricey for those with normal-to-large appetites. It's casual with good music and a crowd that tends to skew to 30s-to-50s residents of the Hollywood Hills with intellectual-looking eyeglasses.

      1. It has a great vibe, friendly service and can be a great nosh place. I agree with what's been said but it can have surprises like one of the best pulled pork sandwiches as a special or a hearty cassoulet.

        1. I have to say, though I like Lou a lot, I've found the pig candy to be less than consistent. Sometimes it's great, sometimes, it seems like it's been sitting around for a really long time.