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Jan 8, 2007 10:05 PM

Dinner Friday Night with "The Girls"

Where should we go? Want good food from Weho to SM...keep the bill around $40 a pacific rim or far east cuisine, with the exception of sushi.

Want something fun, with eye candy...where would you send me.

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  1. The Dolce restaurants are fun - there's Geisha house (asian, but good!), and Bella (Italian) in Hollywood

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    1. re: RoniRoni

      haha..the only items interesting and fun at Dolce are the bartenders - what's more eye-candy than hot bartenders mixing and taking shots in front of a flame-backed bar? ;)

      Off the top of my head, in your area I'd go to Matsuhisa or Katana for Japanese, Mastro's or BOA for steak, Cobras & Madators or AOC for tapas, or Whist at the Viceroy or Ocean and Vine for a girls' nite out!

      1. re: chica

        I didn't realize that you could go to any of those restaurants for $40 a person, especially Matsuhisa and Mastros.

        1. re: deek

          yea - actually, they're all doing $40 per person special for girls. spago, sona, and cut too!

          1. re: dtud

            That is great! How does one go about finding out about the details for these deals? My group of "the girls" varies from 2 to 6 of us and going out often gets expensive. We usually drink cocktails and/or wine. Do any of the specials include any beverages? Thanks.

            1. re: deek

              lol! I think dtud was being sarcastic. Although as a woman, I have been comped by complete strangers ;)

              I have been able to get away with $40/person at the places I mentioned. One entree won't dig deep into my credit card, or several appetizers and a dessert. I don't always drink though -- sometimes we hit up a bar or another place afterwards. Anyways, it doesn't matter if I don't come away very full - it's the outing and having fun with BFF's that counts.

      1. I love Cobras for a bunch of girls and wine. How can you go wrong there?

        1. Ye Old Kings Head (the pub not the restaurant). Lots of guys, pretty good food, and plenty o' beer/cocktials.

          1. Luna Park would fit the bill, though might be kinda noisy.

            I haven't been there yet, but I hear the "fun-do" at Cube is very good and would be lots of fun for a girls night out.