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Fresh Turmeric in San Francisco?

I just got back from Malaysia and took a great cooking course, and many of the recipes called for fresh Turmeric. Does anyone know where I should be able to procure this in the Bay Area? Many thanks.

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  1. I have seen fresh turmeric at Rainbow grocery store.

    1. Berkeley Bowl
      El Cerrito Organic food (which was nicer than the BB version)

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          Fresh ... as in the root that looks like ginger and you grate?

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            Yes, in most stores. I believe it is called Um-bay-Hull-dee

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              I've seen it in several "good" produce sections -- Alameda Natural Grocery often has it, for example. It's always just been called turmeric.

        2. Boulettes Larder - in Ferry Plaza they usually have great fresh spices

          1. Berkeley Bowl usually carries two types of fresh turmeric root, white and yellow. I don't know if they are in season right now. They are the fresh roots, to be grated like ginger -- one of the varieties can be cooked, and the other is best raw -- they have this information on the signs at the Bowl.

            1. The Food Bin in Santa Cruz always seems to have it. Never bought it, but it looks good quality.

              1. If I'm not misidentifying another root, I've seen it at New May Wah market on Clement in San Francisco. It's at the back end of the produce aisle with the fresh spices above the tofu. This root was yellow-orange.