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Jan 8, 2007 09:57 PM

Excellent Sushi in Greenwich or Westchester???

I'm from Manhattan where for years I lived steps away from Blue Ribbon, Tomoe, Yama, Bond Street, and Nobu...I'm a sushi snob. Now I live in Westchester and have been struggling to find sushi that's up to snuff. Most of what I've had has been awful. Like supermarket sushi.

Please help!

And where can one buy TRULY FRESH seafood around here???? Four fish shops so far have let me down. Greenwich lobster pot being one of them...

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  1. Azuma in Hartsdale next to the train station. As far as I know they are or were the best in the county.

    But lately I have heard excellent things about Sushi Nanase on Mamaroneck ave in White Plains, which I think is reservation only. I haven't been yet but they are on my list.

    1. search??

      and on a tomoe-related note, have you been to toku shin? the owner/chef is apparently from tomoe:

      1. Azuma is definitely my families go to Sushi restaurant (and we mean business when it comes to sushi... we are Japanese ;-)!!!!)

        1. toyo sushi on Mamaroneck Avenue is the best you can find around here we think. It is not Blue Ribbon, but it is nice and inventive. The young sushi chef is the real deal.

          As for fish shops, there are some very basic shops on Main Street in New Rochelle that are fine and reasonable. You do have to know what's what though.

          1. Fish shops on Main Street in New Rochelle??????? Really. Wow. Which ones? Please don't tell me the disgusting vegetable stores near North Ave.

            Yes, Toyo is marvelous. Absolutely delish and fresh.

            As is Azuma and the much mentioned sushi stores in Armonk and Harrison.

            Asiana Cafe has good sushi if you're into the scene in Greenwich.

            I still have not made it to Sushi Nanase, more's the pity.

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              delores, i went to toyo tonight, and posted my review over in this thread:

              i haven't visited azuma in a few months, so i didn't make a comparison between the two--how would you compare azuma and toyo?

              1. re: cervisiam

                Nice review, cervisiam, thanks for the pointer. I have to admit I have only gotten all my sushi as takeout, I don't have too many takers to eat in with me.

                So on that basis, I found Toyo to be like my first taste of caviar at Xavier's in Garrison, a hundred years ago. The ambience was dismal, the place reminded me of a cafeteria. But, as it was a special occasion, we had champagne and caviar. The caviar burst on my tongue as caviar is supposed to do, I've since found out. It was a dining experience I have never duplicated, and no caviar anywhere has ever been as good.

                That is how, on a smaller level, Toyo struck me. Their sushi was so fresh and so good, that it is my new favorite over Kira in Armonk. Neither Azuma nor any other place I've tried...I liked the place in Mamaroneck which is now Italian...has been as good as Toyo.

                Again, really nice review.

                I will have to get to Nanase, one of these days. Have you been there yet?

                1. re: dolores

                  yes, i went to nanase in november and REALLY enjoyed it!

                  i put nanase in a different category than azuma and toyo, because of its higher price range and more elegantly presented dishes. wish my wallet could let me go back often. :)

                  in any case, i really enjoyed toyo--still thinking about the falling-apart toro and the fresh scallops today! :) although i was impressed by the presentation at toyo, i don't think i could make a comparison regarding presentation at azuma vs. toyo, since i sat at the bar at azuma, and yesterday sat at a table at toyo.

                  since i live closer to mamaroneck than hartsdale, it's an easy choice to prefer toyo. looking at my receipt from last night, i think it may be more affordably priced than azuma--scallops at 2.25, uni at 3.50, toro (not sure if it was even chutoro or otoro, but it was certainly decadent!) at 7.00. the king salmon (special) at 4.00 was really two pieces. the anago! oh man, i want to eat there right now! :)

                  1. re: cervisiam

                    Good to know about Nanase, cervisiam.

                    My nirvana is eel skin, and that's what I base my very opinionated reviews of each sushi place on. I don't see it on their online menu, but I think I was accomodated when I went there.