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Jan 8, 2007 09:56 PM

Public House on Melrose?

Who has been? Heard it's good.

Old Chianti spot on Melrose.

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  1. You are referring to The Village Idiot. It's in a 'soft opening' at the moment. The owners are all a bunch of great guys with experience in clubs and restaurants. It'll be a casual, fun eatery, with traditional pub-fare but perhaps a little bit nicer. They have a few really great beers on tap that aren't too common in other bars.
    I think this place will be warm and inviting. All of the staff were pleasant and engaging and for doing NO P.R. it was actually pretty crowded on Friday evening.

    1. The sign says Public House, but The Village Idiot just the nickname of the joint? Anybody try it out yet? It looked packed on Saturday night when I drove by.

      1. It's called the Village Idiot.

        Check out this post for reviews and more information: