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Jan 8, 2007 09:46 PM

Has anyone tried ElQuiote on 23rd?

Wondering if anyone knows of good Spanish and/or Mediterranean food between 19 and 25 Street. I have walked past ElQuiote but never tried it - has anyone else. Thanks.

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  1. Also, any suggestions for REALLY good vegetarian food in Manhattan below 23rd Street? Thanks.

    1. Devi, on 18th St., b/t B'way & 5th, has some of the finest Indian cuisine anywhere. The a la carte menu has many vegetarian dishes. Plus, there is an all-vegetarian tasting dinner. At lunch, they offer a 3-course prix-fixe for $24, and though choices are limited, dishes come directly from the dinner menu and include vegetarian options.

      For Mediterranean food, you could give Barbounia a try. It's on the corner of Park Av. S. & 20th St. The mezzes are tasty, and they do a good job with grilled fish. Big, splashy-looking place. (Love that feather chandelier!


      1. I am almost ashamed to say this, but I do like El Quijote. I get in the mood for it every couple of years. It's certainly not gourmet- just big portions of lobster, steak, and lamb chops with Spanish soups and sides. Everything is tasty, though, and warms your heart and soul. The restaurant itself is of another time and another place. Plus, the prices are not bad at all.

        If you feel like eating lobster in a comfortable, but decidedly untrendy place, El Quijote is it. It's also good for older relatives and out of towners who are mystified by the Chelsea restaurant scene. I always go with my 69 year old dad, and he thinks it's tops.


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          I have had the paella there and I think it was the shrimp al ajillo.
          I think most people's negative reactions come from the decor--which you'll either love or hate--but the food is fine. I wouldn't say the best in the world or nyc but quite enjoyable.

          If you looking for Spanish food you could also try La Nacional on 14th Street. But be forewarn that now that the place has gone upscale (relatively speaking considering what it was before) you need reservations for busy weekend evenings.

        2. I love el Q - totally old school and crazy decor. Food was ok, but the ambiance is the thing. I usually go with a bunch of friends and get drunk on the sangria.

          For vegetarian food, Angelica's Kitchen is generally thought to first class vegan food.

          1. i agree with weezie. i tried it once . food is just ok. definitely more old fashioned than most places around. it's up to you to decide whether that's a positive or negative aspect.