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Jan 8, 2007 09:38 PM

"The Grille" in Leon Springs?

Anyone else tried this place? We did a few nights back and I was wondering if our unimpressive meal was a fluke or if others have had bad experiences too...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I am responding to a comment made about The Grill @ Leon Springs. Apparently someone had a not so great experience. I wanted to let you know that I lived in Boerne and frequently treated myself and my family to this fine establishment. I also introduced this restraunt to many of my friends and they repeatedly ask me to pick it up and bring it home when they don't feel like going out, but want an awesome dinner. I must also mention that I now live in San Antonio, and will go out of my way to get the center cut filet with bernaise sauce...please note that the food is just as awesome when I get it home as it would have been had I dined in. I always request to eat there on any date and as a matter of fact, my date and I have reservations for The Grill on Valentine's Day. Every time I have dined in, the owner has introduced himself and ,ade sure that my evening, experience and entree were impecable which I greatly appreciate. I also recall one evening craving both the steak and salmon. Although these are both on the menu, there is not a combination plate, but the accomodating and masterful chef, Therry(spelling?) created a plate to quench my desires.
      Let me assure you, the sausage trio is delightful, you can cut the center cut filet with a butter knife (actually it is so tender you can actually use your fingers!), the salads are so fresh and crisp, the salmon is mouth watering, and the fries are fresh like mama used to make with a touch of sea salt to perfect them.
      I would suggest every one give The Grill a try and I'm sure that they will love it as much as my family and I do. For the few who did not have that great of an experience, it must have been a fluke...give it one more try and try the center cut with will keep going back if you take my advice!!!
      Nina Cleckler,RN

      1. I'll update my comments here after reading Nina's. I'd completely forgotten I posted this over a year ago... Since that time, we've had two FABULOUS meals at the Grille... Yes, I think the first experience was a fluke, a combination of the newness of the restaurant, unfamiliarity of the staff, etc. We tried it again a few months ago when they were running a special dinner with appetizer, entree and dessert. I am not a big eater, so hubby got the dinner special and I got the tomato salad... The salad was fantastic! I honestly can't recall the appetizer other than remembering it was very good and the entree hubby chose was a seafood puff pastry affair that was very good as well. The dessert was something chocolate and yummy as well. Our more recent experience was for lunch following church service one Sunday and I got a pizza which was delicious. Can't recall what hubby got but I had more than enough with my pizza so didn't taste his. Anyway, we've definitely decided that we like the Grille and will continue to visit. Our first time was really just a fluke... And now I know to try the center cut...thanks Nina!

        1. The Grille is hit and miss. I live within 5 miles and eat there 2 or 3 times a month. My inlaws think this place is the Huckleberries. Like the other reviewer, I have had some truly sublime meals there, usually fish. I have also had some notable horrors, including smoked duck salad on one occasion that was just an inedible mayonnaise-y mess. How it ever got served to a paying csutomer is just beyond comprehension. I have sworn never to darken their door again on at least half a dozen occasions. While capable of amazing things, they are also capable of delivering disaster and have a serious quality control problem. There is also one particular waiter whom I know by sight only that I refuse to be served by, as he is so utterly obnoxious.

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            I just tried the Grille yesterday on the way to Luckenbach. It was Fantastic! My husband had the salmon and it was the best either one of us had ever had. I had the rainbow trout, which was great. Service was spot-on and the ambience is very cool. We will definitely go back! Oh, and the martinis were great too.