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Jan 8, 2007 09:37 PM

Weston bound and seeking advice

Going to my wife's grandma's for the weekend. Can anyone recommend anyplace good to eat? Any type of cuisine will do. I've ben there before and remember a plcae called Lucille's which was a good diner/pub food place. Any other recs?
Also, I may sneak away to watch the football games on saturday or sunday--any decent bars to watch games? I saw one post about Carolina Ale House--anyone have the address?
Thanks, and pray for sunny weather

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  1. Hi abu applesauce

    There are a number of alternatives in Weston - all depends on tastes and budget. A couple of places in the Weston Town Center - Braseros steak house, Tarantellas Italian and the always popular The Cheese Course. On Weston Road there is Myung Ga Tofu & BBQ, a small and modest Korean with simple but excellent dishes.
    Carolina Ale House is left on Weston Road immediately after exiting 75.

    Regards, Michael

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    1. re: mbpg

      What about the East City Grill? Is that worth a visit?

      1. re: mbpg

        Heading to Weston this week.
        Is Parc 28 worth a visit for non expensive dinner out?

      2. Hi reburli

        East City Grill is very nice - one of the top restaurants in West Broward, probably the best in Weston (also the priciest). For fine dining, there is also La Brochette Bistro in Cooper City, only 15 minutes away.

        Regards, Michael