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St Louis tasting menu?

Can anybody recommend a good tasting menu in St Louis for a special occasion? Price not a consideration. THe more creative, the better. TIA!

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  1. Niche has a 7-course tasting menu for around $60 (wine pairings an extra $30, IIRC), available Tue. - Thur. The courses were all fantastic, from "simple" (butternut squash puree with chantrelle mushrooms) to "creative" (pork belly with bacon ice cream, and two different kinds of polenta).

    An American Place has both 6- and 9-course tasting menus. I haven't tried either.

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      is the Niche tasting available on Fridays as well? maybe at a higher price point?

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        It is not available on Friday. It's unfortunate, but their kitchen is just to small considering how busy they are every weekend.

      1. An American Place did a 12 course tasting menu for about 12 of us one time. I just called them up and discussed with them what I was looking for. Over the course of a few conversations we had the details worked out, and everything was great.

        I'm sure many restaurants like Harvest, Terrene, Arthur Clay's, King Louie's etc. would accommodate you if you just called and discussed the matter with them.

        Good Luck.

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          sorry to hear that--thanks for the info!

        2. The last I heard, Sansui West, does an omakase, which is a chef's choice tasting.

          1. I found a link to an article Joe Bonwich wrote about tasting menus in December. If the link doesn't work, I think you can search the Post-Dispatch for Holiday Dining. Good luck!


            1. You have to take that bonwich guy with a grain of salt. That said, don't call Arthur Clay's for a tasting menu -- it's not there anymore.

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                Arthur Clay's isn't there anymore? Or just the tasting menu?

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                  Aw Joe, you're too tough on yourself. In case you don't know, this is your Chinese friend from Michigan.

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                    Did you see the KoBa review? You left just in time to miss the Korean restaurant we'd always been looking for here.

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                      No I didn't. When was it published? Dang it all!! There are some pretty good korean here in Ann Arbor. One good comfort food Chinese place and one so-so dimsum place. i miss St. Louis!

                2. No more Arthur Clay's. A new restaurant will open in the space in a couple of months. (It'll be in the paper tomorrow.)

                  1. That's too bad about Arthur Clay's. I live nearby (just moved there), and was hoping to walk there for a nice wine heavy dinner at some point.

                    Hopefully, the new place will have something to offer.

                    1. thanks for all the great info!

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                          you called my bluff...it's a weensy bit steeper than what i had in mind, but the menu looks great!