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Jan 8, 2007 09:06 PM

Texas Roadhouse in Union City

This is a chain but I think it offer some great value.

Free bucket of peanuts which is quite tasty and you can throw away the shells on the floor which makes the place looked interesting like a barn sort of.

Dinner rolls were soft, yeasty and brushed with butter on the top for added flavor. Great cinnamon butter. This is really good and worth the admission by itself.

Each dinner comes with not one but TWO free sides. The caesar salad is one of the best I had tasted. Great dressing and everything is just perfect. Decent sweet potatoes and baked potatoes. I made a mistake getting the vegetables. It came with large cauliflowers, brocollis, etc that were just simply boiled.

The meats: ordered the 20 oz ribeye for only like $22 which were decent (nothing spectacular). The meat were not the most tender. I ordered medium but was probably mistakenly medium well and returned it the kitchen. Otherwise very decent. Also got the onion and mushroom options which was very good. We also got a combo plate with a sirloin and chicken which both were done competently but agaon nothing spectacular.

In the past I ordered their appetizer combo which was outstanding. So, this place is well worth it for all the accesories but the meat itself is just allright. The atmosphere and service is also great here.

In the future, if just 2 of us dining, we will just order the appetizer and get a nice big ribeye or primerib plate with caesar salad and maybe a baked potatoes. We just split our meals.

Also it is important to make phone reservation one hour ahead of time and make sure to remember the name of the person. They actually forgot to write my name down. Otherwise you might have to wait 1 hour.

32115 Union Landing Blvd.
Union City, CA 94587

Phone: 510-324-7623

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  1. Anything else good here ?


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    1. re: Han

      The ribs. Oh, the ribs. If you like the fall-off-the-bone type, you'll be in heaven. I have had more than one occasion where I went to pick up a rib, but the meat dropped off leaving me with a clean bone in my hand. Their chili is very delicious too.

      1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        I second the ribs recommendation. I had a chicken breast there one time with the Jack Daniels (or Jim Beam, whatever, I don't remember) BBQ sauce on it, and it was SO good I realized I'd have to get the ribs next time.

        They were so so awesome. Totally fell off the bone. (These were baby backs.) But lots of meat -- a half rack was more than I could eat.

        Bonus: Their kids mac n cheese is the Kraft kind. Good to know for my picky 4-year-old, who turns up her nose at nice homemade kind but will crack out on the Blue Box crap. . .

    2. There is one in Live Oak,Tx here by me.They do have I think several in San Antonio.Never had a problem with the steaks.Ribs are good,and next time I go I want to try the porkchops.Pretty good value for the money.

      1. Han, I've heard the chicken fried steak is good. Hard to find in our part of the world.

        1. wow. we have one in Asheville NC and it is AWFUL. The salad was wilted, the ribs had very little meat and the sides were cold. The only thing decent was the bread. As for the peanuts on the table--I will never eat out of a communal bowl of anything at a public eating place (saw a special on 20/20 or dateline where the bowl of peanuts on a bar was analyzed and what they found was atrocious!)

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          1. re: bethd127

            The peanuts are still in the shell. I would think it is safe.

            1. re: Han

              I guess if you're going to worry about the peanuts, no, it wouldn't be safe even if they're in the shell because you have hands going into the bucket and touching the shells. Then your hand touches the shells, cracks open the peanut, and deposits the now-contaminated nut to your mouth.

              Having said that, I'm a rebel. I eat the peanuts. (I'm also a firm believer that we're over-sanitizing ourselves and in turn aren't building up the natural antibodies that we need to fight some common bugs.)

              I live on the edge. ;-)

              1. re: shanagain

                Well, you can wash your hands before eating the peanuts. Open the shell with one hand and use the other hand to pickup the nuts. Or, just open the shell and dump it straight to your mouth without touching the nuts. Sorry, just can't resist...

            2. re: bethd127

              Might as well stop using money too; the majority of bills in circulation have cocaine on them.

              You should have seen the Mythbusters where they saw how far the spray on a toilet goes. The answer is EVERYWHERE. Every single surface in the bathroom (including the items they had in a sealed container to act as a control) tested positive for fecal coliform bacteria.

            3. LOL, maybe crack the shells, wipe down with hand sanitizer...

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              1. re: shanagain

                oh no,.... you are going to give some germaphobe an idea...