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Jan 8, 2007 09:02 PM

Pancho's Mexican Grill in Sacramento

I found this place a few days ago when I looked for something quick, close by and hoped for something good to eat.
The location of Pancho's is 3751 Stockton Blvd. that is right at the corner of Stockton and 12th Ave. right by the Churches Chicken place.
The place smelled great,when we asked we were told it was Posole (sp?) We ordered it, as well as two tacos, one Chicken, the other Carnitas. The other item ordered was a Chicken Burrito.
The sizes were generous, the flavors tasty.
The owner told me that she was from Jalisco and her cooking is typical of this area.
The Carnita Taco was great, as was the Chicken Taco and the roast Chicken in the Burrito was wonderful and moist. The Burrito was huge.
I just finished the last of the soup by myself....
The place had been open for about one year.
I will go back for more of the same and would like to try some of their Shrimp dishes as well.
Try it out, I am curious as to how others like this place.Let me know what you think. I would like to support small places like this when they deserve it.

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  1. Quick question - fried Carnitas or moist Carnitas?

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    1. We were going to do a taco crawl and that was on our list..but it was canceled. I will check it out. thanks!

      1. I was just turned on to this place sunday. Was told the Posle was good and boy was it. They were very generous. I did a take out. "Would you like some chips?" So they gave me some chips, salsa, a small container of oregano, a small baggie with chopped onions and lettuce and four or five quarters of lime. It was very good. Eight bucks and a dollar tip. Enough for dinner and a lunch. I recommend this place. I'll be going back.