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Opus - three course tasting menu

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This was so much fun for $30. We were actually served seven different plates including the amuse bouche. I was so happy we went this route instead of ordering off the menu. There were definately things I would not have tried otherwise. We we're served:
1. amuse bouche - the base was a coco rosemary panna cotta
2. foie terrine on toast
3. egg shell filled with bacon, cream, egg, cream of wheat?, topped with honey
4. yellowtail sashimi with a small spring roll
5. fish over a black crunchy rice
6. veal cheeks over vegetables
7. dessert

It wasn't the most amazing meal I've ever had. I did have a couple of complaints (pricing on the web site did not match pricing on the menu). But it was just so much fun trying so many different flavors for a relatively very reasonable price. I would definately reccomend it, and will go again next time I'm going to the Wiltern.

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  1. Did you have a reservation, or eat at the bar, or both or other? And how much time did the meal take? (I ask for Wiltern purposes.) And were you at the My Morning Jacket concert?

    1. what do you mean by the pricing did not reflect the pricing on their website? last i checked, the 3-course tm is still $30.

      regardless, glad you had a great time at opus. i have a fantastic time everytime i go as well.

      1. Yes, we had a reservation. We ordered the three course b/c the 6 would have taken too long. We were there about 1 1/2 hours before MMJ. And regarding the pricing...the coursed menus were accurate, it was the entres that were different.

        1. We were also there before the My Morning Jacket concert and did the 6-course which took about two hours. Parts of our meal were similar to the OP's, but parts were different.

          1. amuse bouche - the base was a coco rosemary panna cotta
          2. foie terrine on toast
          3. egg shell filled with bacon, cream, egg, cream of wheat?, topped with honey (AMAZING)
          4. yellowtail sashimi with a cod fritter
          5. bone marrow and mushroom soup
          6. carnitas with a seared scallop on top
          7. john dory with some sort of tomoato sauce (fish was well-prepared, but this was definitely the least exciting of the dishes)
          8. fried sweet breads topped with duck (this was incredible as well, with the duck being some of the most tender and flavorful that I've ever had)
          9. watermelon sorbet with vanilla cream and watermelon salsa (awesome...I'm not a huge fan of watermelon, but this captured the sweetness so well)
          10. white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse with some kind of tuille and grilled pineapple (I could have eaten a whole bowl of the grilled pineapple by myself)

          the service was outstanding, especially considering that we didn't order wine and that we both look on the youngish side. Our server told us that they are planning to start "baco tuesday" where chef Josef makes his take on tacos with different kinds of shells and upscale fillings like sweetbreads for $8.

          1. ooh, so its baco tuesdays? last i heard, they were originally planning it on mondays. sweet!

            1. We went for the three course dinner on Saturday night, and had a bit of a cross between the two menus listed above. We had the cocoa panna cotta amuse bouche, the foie gras terrine, yellow sashimi but with a piece of snapper "on a stick," egg in a shell (my friends must have somehow been oversalted, but mine was delicious), john dory with tomato sauce, duck with sweetbread nuggets, and watermelon ice with mascarpone.

              The only thing that was somewhat of a "miss" was the dessert that came with which was an odd carrot, poached fruit, nut and crisp combination which was supposed to be a "rethinking of carrot cake." It wasn't horrible, but definitely not what I'd order for myself.

              But for $30 it was a fine dinner and fun experience.

              1. There's a lesson from all of this: don't go to a concert at the Wiltern with a vegetarian.

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                1. When you do the tasting menu, does everyone at the table have to do it? And are the courses a surprise, or do you get to choose? Just worrying about allergies and food preferences.

                  1. Still the best TM deal in LA. Chef Josef is brilliant and bends over backward to create a unique experience. Speaking of which I need to get back there for one of those 30 course extravaganzas.

                    1. They told me everyone at the table has to get the TMs because if we mix it up, the meal becomes awkward with people eating at different times. I think everyone should get tastings ALL the time because they're fantastic. BTW ill definitely be at baco tues it sounds like a dream come true.

                      1. Have always had a great experience with the 3 course tasting menu. Never disappointed and always surprised by the chef's generosity. Little mentioned above is the very good wine list. Some selections are a bit pricey, but one can find very good bottles at good prices IF one will be willing to experiment with grapes. I got an Albarino recently and it was superb and well priced.