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Jan 8, 2007 08:53 PM

La Noisette, Tom Aikens, or Lindsay House??

30-something hound from New York looking for a truly memorable, romantic meal next week in London. I have a reservation at La Noisette but have also heard Aikens and Lindsay House are superb. More interested in quality of food and romantic setting than to be at the "in place". Price is not a factor as this is a rare, special evening. Any consideration from UK hounds would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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  1. To be honest, I would not choose any of those three

    TA really polarizes opinion. I thought it was one of the most ludicrously bad meals of all my time in London, but I know others whose opinions I respect who love it.

    Recent reports of Lindsay House have been very unfavourable. My last meal there many moons ago was memorable, but of late, I hear bad things

    I have not tried La Noisette. I hear that there has been a chef change, but may be mistaken

    If it was my money I would try Galvin at The Windows at The Hilton Park lane. Chris Galvin is IMHO one of the best in town and the food and service should certainly meet your needs. The spectacular views from the 28th floor are an added bonus and you can pretend that the nosebleed you get is from the altitude and not the pricing.

    1. I haven't been to La Noisette or Galvin but I would choose The Greenhouse, Aubergine and The Capital over TA or Lindsay House

      1. Until recently, Lindsay House would have been my hands down favourite... but haven't been for a while now, and I have also heard stories about the food declining. Shame.

        I've only been to the original Galvins on Baker St - wonderful, wonderful food, but not a wow ambience. The Hilton Galvins may well be more romantic.

        How about the old faithfuls - Gavroche, Mirabelle maybe? And I have always enjoyed the cooking at Orrery very much, for those special romantic occasions.

        1. I thought the food at Tom Aiken's was a bit of a curate's egg. I wouldn't describe it as a romantic venue though.

          I'm having dinner at Lindsay House in Friday, so I'll report back then.

          I haven't been to La Noisette yet.

          I'd have thought you'd want a quiet intimate place with a good degree of charm. I recommend L'Oranger on St James Street or Rousillon in Pimlico. Roussillon has the edge for food. Not as well known or as fashionable as the places you've mentioned, but a bit of lesser-known gem.

          1. Definitely would like your feedback on Lindsay House - been hearing some negative stories about slipping standards there recently.

            I'd second both L'Oranger and Roussillon for romantic dinners - but haven't been to either for a while; up to date reports would also be great...