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Jan 8, 2007 08:52 PM

Has anyone been to Sunset Beach, in WeHo?

Other than the fact that parking is $10, I know nothing else of the place! Opinions on food? Ambience?

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  1. I organized my boyfriend's birthday party there in November. It was a fairly big party (~20 people) so we met in the bar for drinks first then had dinner in the downstairs restaurant. It was DEAD when we got there (around 8), but picked up as the night went on. It's a very cool space and the ambiance was fun, but your typical Hollywood/Sunset trendy scene. The one great (and a little surprising) thing was the service -- it was fantastic. They were so nice and accomodating, maybe because they had just opened, but it was definitely appreciated. I think our dinner reservation was at 9, and some people didn't show up till around 10 but they held our table and said whenever we were ready we could sit. The food was okay. Instead of bread, they had potato chips and some garlicy dip that was amazing. I had the kobe beef burger and asked for it medium rare, but it came out well done. At that point I was probably on my 4th glass of wine so it didn't bother me that much ;-)

    1. I'm pretty sure it's closed except for occasional special events.

      1. It is 'closed' for reorganization. The original chef is gone, as is most of the management...As of now, special events and private parties are the only things being held there.

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          I just called them. They were closed for several days last year, but are now open, up, and running! :)

        2. But I still think they're only open Wed-Sat. At least when I called last week, that's what the woman told me.

          1. its ok. i was thre 2wks ago for a bday party and we were the only group in the entire place. the drinks were your standard $10 cocktails and we ordered some finger foods which were ok, but nothing to write home about.