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SFV Fun Party Location?

I'm trying to find a Valley restaurant to host a baby shower for a good friend. I'm open to both typical-shower type places (e.g. Rive Gauche Cafe or Pinot Bistro) but would really like to find something a little more relaxed and eclectic. Location would need to accommodate about 25 for brunch or lunch. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Alcazar in Encino has ample space for a shower (you might be able to reserve the patio). It's relaxed and probably less expensive than Rive Gauche, Pinot Bistro, Cafe Bizou, etc. The food is up there among the best Lebanese in the city.

    1. For great, basic brunch foods in a pretty adorable setting, I'd think Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks on Ventura would be a good bet - it's all country-chic and quite affordable for a large crowd. It feels like you're having brunch at your hip grandma's place.

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        Marmalade has a back room that they use for private parties. I've been to 2 showers there and both were great. We had afternoon tea with sandwiches, parties, scones and a selection of drinks.

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          ditto that. I've held 2 brunches there and 2 at the grove location. They will even do a personalized menu. The scones are awesome too.

      2. If Calabasas is not too far, consider Riveria Wine Bar. They have private rooms, and the food is fantastic.

        1. Piacere in Woodland Hills is very nice for a shower.

          1. Il Tiramisu has good Northern Italian Food and can do parites.

            You could always do Fondue at the place on Ventura Blvd in Studio City.

            I second Alcazar, the MEzze is great.

            You could go to Inn Of The Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon. It's really lovely (mostly outdoor seating, with some indoor) and they have a great Sunday Bruch. I bet they could do a shower.

            The Great Greek in Sherman Oaks has really good greek food.

            Killer Shrimp in Studio City serves huge yummy bowls of shrimp in a fabulous broth.

            The Weekday or Weekend Buffet at Woodlands Pure indian in Chatsworth is a great deal, with fabulous food. Northern Indian Vegetairan, all you can eat for around $10.00. The location is far from fancy, but they can do large parties, and the food is very good.

            Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks could accomodate a party, they do it all the time...continental and French/Californian cuisine, $2.00 corkage for wine!

            Boneyard Bistro might work, I'd give them a call.

            Tokyo Delve's is a sushi Bar in North Hollywood that does evening seatings with 80's music, sake baombs and dancing on barstools. Lost of fun.

            1. In Calabasas "The Sagebrush Cantina" does an AMAZING Sunday brunch and they let the champagne F L O W. Now that has PLENTY of room, is a blast, has Mariachi's and mucho mucho deliciouso food. Mexican, seafood, traditional breakfast, omelet bar, sushi bar, TWO chocolate fountains with an incredible dessert bar, etc, etc, etc. It is a gourmands dream!! Also, they offer 2-3 "free" shots of various fruit vodkas for each "brunchee" (person over 21 eating brunch) :-)

              Oh yes, "Inn of the Seventh Ray" does take showers (weddings, banquets, etc.-just plan in advance!) I had my bridal party shower there in 2005 and it was wonderful. It's in the Topanga Canyon, off Old Topanga Road. It is lovely, but I wouldn't call it a party atmosphere per se. More of a relaxing, beautiful and ethereal place, than a "Get down and PARTY" restaurant!! Dukes (in Malibu) is a fun place, made more for "partying".

              1. I did a shower for my sister at Inn of the Seventh Ray and it was fabulous - but the weather was better than now and we ate outside -- indoors they are more limited but the brunch was sensational. The Sagebrush would definitely be more of a party place - also maybe La Paz on Malibu Cyn. (they have a great brunch, too)
                Relaxed and Eclectic - you might check Sona in Encino on Ventura - same owner and menu as Jumpin Java in Studio City but they have a private room and last time we were there someone was having a brunch shower back there and it seemed lovely - very private, cheap and good food.

                1. I hosted a shower at Petite Bistro on Ventura Blvd. a while ago and everyone loved it. They are closed lunch, but were open to a private party in the afterrfnoon. They gave our guests a choice of chicken or fish, we had salad, and desert with our meal. The food was great and the atmoshphere was bright with nice table arrangements.