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Jan 8, 2007 08:32 PM

Food pairing with seafood or fish

Looking to put together a multi-course dinner to pair with various champagnes/sparkling wines. A couple of guests are allergic to seafood and fish, so I need recipes other than these traditional items. Any suggestions? I've heard mushrooms, cheese, eggs pair nicely. Also, specific recommendations as to what might pair well with Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc or Laurent Perrier NV Brut? Thanks!!

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  1. They say that champagne goes with everything. I agree with them whomever they are. Focus on the main menu and get several good sparklers to go with them. You won't go wrong with the ones you've selected. Blanc de blancs for lighter dishes and salads, blanc de noir or a good brut rose for more assertive dishes like and herbed rack of lamb. Start off with an kir royale using a Franch or Alsatian cremant and a good French creme de cassis. And of course champagne goes well with all things chocolate. I like champagne with all kinds of souffles.

    1. Champagne is a great no brainer as far as pairing food. Lucky for you!! It is great with tapas, starter food, fantastic with heavy meals, spicy thai or indian food. A simple guide could be get on the internet and match the grapes if you really want to do serious pairing.
      Brut- blend of grapes
      Blanc de Blanc- mostly chardonnay usually, but could be a blend of white grapes
      Blanc de Noir, pinot noir grapes.
      Laurent:Chardonnay 45%, Pinot Noir 40%, Pinot Meunier 15%. (Chardonnay proportion is double the average in Champagne.)

      Schramsberg- chardonnay.

      with multi course make sure you end your meal with a sweeter style,such as extra dry, demi sec or an italian moscato di asti (my favorite).

      Don't be shy of Rose' champagnes or italian prosecco or spanish cavas.
      As far as food goes- you have lots of choices.

      One party favor that is simple and easy, at Wal Mart or Sams club they have some mushroom tarts, bake them and then buy some fruit relish or chow chow to top it. so easy and everyone likes them.
      do a bread with different spreads.
      chicken, pork, lamb or beef.

      1. i'd say you could do a lovely cheese souffle if you're feeling ambitious. or a nice light cream soup.

        1. Chaource cheese is from the Champagne region and would be a natural choice as a cheese course. Also a chicken terrine/pate/mousse would work well also. Lastly I might try a pasta course with a cream sauce made with either mushrooms (and truffles?) or veal with tarragon. I really like the textural contrast that all these choices create when served with Champagne.

          1. Champagne goes well with pastas in cream based sauces as long as they are not too heavy. It also goes well with pesto.

            If you are going to pair it with cheeses, use mild cheeses like brie, gouda, etc. not overly sharp or pungent cheeses.

            Another thing to pair it with is ham or spicy sausages.