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Jan 8, 2007 08:16 PM

Weekend brunch and/or breakfast around Seattle

Looking for different breakfast/brunch places to meet up with friends. I'd like to be able to enjoy a good meal with a nice selection of vegetarian options for my friends. I would however not like to be given the evil eye when we are leisurely finishing our drinks talking and catching up.

I will admit I'm not a fan of the Chow Foods I've tried most and have been unhappy with all, their breakfast items are lacking in flavor to me. I have tried and enjoyed Kingfish Cafe, Geraldine's Counter, Salty's, El Camino, Firefly-Lumette, and of course Portage Bay to name a few.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd suggest the Wild Mountain Cafe. They've some unique items on their menu, lots of veggie and meat options, and the homey atmosphere makes it a nice place to linger. Good bloody marys, too.

    1. i believe dim sum is always the best brunch option, especially if you've got a group and want something different. that said there's no place i'm wild on currently, though i like jade garden in the ID and have heard good things about a place way down on mlk called joy palace (haven't been yet though).

      otherwise, i'd go with the boat street cafe for beautiful brunch classic. on the more greasy spoon but solid and comforting tip, i also like hattie's hat in ballard.

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        Imperial Garden, in the Great Wall Mall, in Kent. It is SO worth the drive.

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          This place is great... has a bit of a Hong Kong feel.

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          you might want to try calling Joy Palace before going down there. I think it might be the place i went looking for once and found a boarded-up building.

        3. If you are okay with all vegetarian, Cafe Flora in Madison Park has an excellent brunch.

          If you like Salty's, then the buffet at 67(?) at the Edgewater will knock your socks off. Buffet plus an entree. It's too much food but really good.

          1. Check out Persimmon in Fremont. You can review their brunch menu on the website. Fantastic breakfasts and you get to linger over coffee (or whatever) while they cook it all up - definitely not a rushed place. I just adore the corned beef hash and they do have a vegetarian version.


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              I absolutely love the food at Persimmon, but the last time I went we waited an hour to get our food after ordering. It was around 1pm, and the place was not that busy. Additionally, they were out of at about half of the items on the menu. I like to linger over my brunch... but only after I've eaten something.

            2. Zias is a really good place to eat and is frequented by many for meetings, so the evil eye in very rare.