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BYOB - Brooklyn

I know in Greenpoint, Lamb + Jaffy on Manhattan is BYOB. Any others?

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  1. Ghang Thai(formerly TukTuk)on Smith

    1. Zaytoons (I'm pretty sure it still is): Smith and DeGraw with perhaps another location in Ft. Greene?

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        Zaytoons in ft. greene is on Myrtle and Washington

      2. Lucali's wonderful pizza - Henry Street (Carroll - 1st Place)

        1. I've heard from many that Gribouille is byo. It's on Roebling south of Metropolitan.

          1. Waterfalls - Atlantic b/t Clinton & Henry

            1. Lucalli's charges a corkage charge.
              Tanoreen (Bay Ridge) is also BYO and also charges a $5 corkage charge.
              Fez (Windsor Terrace) is BYO, does NOT charge a corkage charge, but expects a wine license in the not-too-distant future, so check with the restaurant.

              1. I was surprised, since Lucalli's doesn't have a liquor license, that they were adding what seemed to be a $4 corkage fee. We asked about it, and it turns out it's a "bottle disposal" fee--so many people were bringing wine that they had a lot more glass to dispose of/recycle, so they were getting charged more by their garbage people. So now they add that charge on. We were taking the rest of our bottle home with us, so it seemed silly to get charged, but we didn't want to make a fuss over $4.

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                  I was at Lucalli's on Saturday and there were quite a few tables lingering over their wine, so I'm sure that adds to cost too.

                  Does anyone know of a good french bistro that's BYOB in brooklyn? I've got a great cab that I'd like to enjoy with a steak frites.

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                    I had heard it was for extra work to wash glasses. I hate drinking out of juice glasses, so we brought stemware and were not charged. We hadn't said a word about any fee, and I was prepared to pay whatever charge, but it simply didn't appear on our check.

                  2. There's been alot written about bringing your own wine to a restaurant that serves wine. Recently, The Wine Spectator had a lengthy article on the subject. If it is a special occasion and you have a really special wine (it should be a really special wine, not just one you think is special), call the restaurant in advance and discuss the situation with them. Assure them you will order something off their wine list in addition to being willing to pay a reasonable corkage fee in order to enjoy your own wine (expect to be charged from $15-50). If the restaurant has a sommelier(e), offer him/her a taste (let's assume for a moment your wine is a Petrus or a Screaming Eagle, or, at least, a Martha's or a Sassicaia). And, tip generously.

                    Three years ago, I celebrated a reunion of sorts with several friends who live in Paris. I took them to Al di La. I called Emilio in advance and he agreed to let us bring a bottle of Sass.
                    We ordered at least two bottles from his outstanding wine list and tipped well.
                    He charged us $15, I think, as a corkage fee. I probably would never impose on him to do so again, despite his graciousness.

                    Oolah, why not save the Cab for a nice home cooked meal and go to 360, Ici, Jolie or one of the many other fine French restaurants discussed here and spend $50 on a good Rhone, Bordeaux or Languedoc.

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                      It's a good wine, but it's not *that* good, hence the BYOB request. I'm a pretty decent cook, but somehow I've never managed to make a truly great steak frites at home.

                    2. A Bistro on Carlton Avenue just off Myrtle is a French-Senegalese bistro that is BYOB and has great food and a very friendly, warm atmosphere. I don't believe they charge a corkage fee. We've eaten there many times and never been disappointed -- the chef is very creative.

                      1. Petite Crevette on Hicks bet. Union and President is BYOB, w/ no corkage charge.

                        1. Kate's Brooklyn Joint, that just opened in Williamsburg, is BYOB right now while they try to get their license.

                          1. I second starfish's rec of ABistro in Ft. Greene-- one of my new favorites. Went a few weeks ago and had a really great cod dish, and some sleeper-amazing chocolate cake for dessert (the owner, who served us, described it as "just average," meaning halfway between cakey and fudgy...she REALLY undersold it). She told us they're getting their liquor license soon, though, which might put the kibosh on BYOB.

                            Someone else mentioned Waterfalls on Atlantic, which I would avoid at all costs for anything more than a falafel or fatoosh salad. The entrees are horrible.

                            1. Lily Thai on Grand bet Lorimer/Leonard (Wburg) is a great small place with no corkage fee....
                              Their Pad See Ew is hard to beat!

                              1. Seeking out BYO situations at semi-nice-if-not-quite-fancy place is one of my great quests (not such a challenge and a slightly different effect overall at, say, Thai, Middle Eastern, Indian, etc. places -- though still appreciated, all the same). I don't know many BYO's in Brooklyn, so I appreciate this thread. Not to digress too much but Philly, where I lived a few short years ago, is a great BYO town, bcs it's so hard to get liquor licenses; so next time you go visit someone, bring that bottle you've been looking for an excuse to try. Another brief non-Outer Borough digression (and perhaps faux pas): my favorite free BYO's in Manhattan are Tartine (West Village), Ivo & Lulu (Soho, but not really) and Nook (Hells Kitchen). All are reasonable, have good cafe/bistro fare and nice ambience (tho all are small and fill up fast).

                                1. Abistro is fabulous!! The food is interesting and delicious, the atmosphere warm and charming, and they've been on the verge of getting that liquor license for at least the past year. i had my birthday dinner there last year and everyone raved about it.

                                  having said that, i'm looking for another byo for my birthday this year, one that can seat 18 people and takes reservations. any cuisine, preferably brooklyn. suggestions would be much appreciated!