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Jan 8, 2007 07:55 PM

salted caramel ice cream at Creole Creamery

Hands down, the salted caramel ice cream was the best thing I ate last week!

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  1. Oh my god, I suggested that flavor to Creole Creamery last fall, after having it at Jeni's in Columbus, OH! Salted caramel is all the rage right now, so I'm sure it wasn't my suggestion that got it on the menu. Still, I feel loved. Jeni's also has Gravel Road, which is the salted caramel with smoked almonds in it.

    I also suggested the Chocolate Zinfandel, another flavor I had at Jeni's. I don't suppose it's on the list as well?

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    1. re: JGrey

      Didn't see chocolate zinfandel, but I do like their chocolate flavors in general.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        I will have to stick to their chocolate flavors (and of course try the salty caramel). The last few times I've gone I've been really underwhelmed (the ginger/something had not a trace of ginger in it, before that was a barely minty mint something) and I think the texture is a little weird. Like Ben and Jerry's with the carrageenan.

    2. I've read about salted caramel - does it simply tasting like salty caramel (which I could see being good)? Or is it a different dimension altogether?

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      1. re: Leo in BR

        Can't speak for the one at Creole Creamery, but yes, the flavor is just salt and caramel. Kind of weird on first bite, then you can't get enough of it.

        I know on the Home Cooking page, recipes for actual salted caramels have been going around.

      2. OMG! I am eating the salted caramel as I read this posting, what a beautiful coincidence. It reminds me of Fran's Gray Seasalt Caramels from Portland, which I sadly have not seen in NOLA in a while.

        Love it.