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Jan 8, 2007 07:54 PM

Brined uncooked pork chops - can I freeze them?

Help! I was going to make Zuni's brined pork chops but my family has come down with stomach flu. These chops have been brining for 2 days so it's time to take them out of the brine. Can I dry them off and freeze them to cook later? It seems like this should be OK, even though I'm sure they won't be as good. I would hate to have to throw them away.

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  1. I freeze brined pork and chicken all the time, so I would definitely do it.

    I usually freeze them in the brine, but since yours have been soaking for so long, definitely drain them.

    IMO 2 days for pork chops is a REALLY long time. I brine pork chops for maybe 4 hours at the most.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      Thanks. I thought that was a long time too, but that's what the recipe calls for.

      1. re: Anya L

        Just a thought .... If the texture is mealy after cooking, it may not be the freezing but rather the long soak in the brine. Don't give up on freezing brined uncooked pork.

        Good Luck.

      2. re: C. Hamster

        That's a theme with Zuni Cafe. Their cookbook routinely says to salt and brine well ahead of time.

      3. My reaction to reading this is that the sugar in the brine would encourage growth of anything contaminating the chops, but maybe the salt would counter this. I'd probably just freeze them and brine before use.

        1. As a long time brine-aholic it is my experience that the soak time is relevant to the brine recipe. Brine that works on 2 days may not give you the displacement you need while another recipe higher in salt content would. I would have no concerns about freezing them just remember that brining never has been remedies for food safety concerns only flavors so just be certain you cook them properly. I would however agree that you risk a mealy pork chop and it would be best to limit the time in the freezer.