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Best Dinner Dishes at "Grill on the Alley" in Beverly Hills

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Who knows the best dinner dishes at Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills?

Care to make a suggestion?


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  1. Can't go wrong with the basics like a steak, but for my money the chicken pot pie and meatloaf are the stars here.

    On recs of many chowhounds here, I tried the NY Cheesecake, which is very, very good, but still not classic NY-style. Still, not to be passed up if you are a cheesecake fan.

    1. Several dishes are very good but for me it begins and ends with the Garlic Cheese Bread, awesome when HOT! Followed by the Hot Fudge Sundae.

      1. I think the Grill has the best crab Louie Salad in the city. Large lumpy clumbs of very fresh crab and a very generous portion at that. REALLY GOOD!

        1. I second the chicken pot pie as well as the ruben sandwich

          1. corned beef hash, some of the best ever, with a poached egg.
            (most likely only served at lunch though, but you can usually specially request it.)

            the cheescake of course.

            the crab louisse.

            maybe some of the sides like the half and half.

            1. Our favorites are the filet, any of the fish, cobb salad with roquefort crumbled in Italian dressing, the chicken breast, and the veal chop. They have delicious french fries - steak or shoestring (I like them well done and with no salt added). They have a great hot fudge sundae on top of a brownie. Enjoy!

              1. Thanks Everyone.... here's my report:

                Appetizers: Wedge salad got great reviews, good dressing, but how can you screw that up?

                Crabcakes were great, almost all meat, with little binding, obviously sauteed in butter. But even at an expensive restaurant, $18.50 for one 4 oz. cake does stand out.

                Cheese toast... delicious. Two family orders for 4. Not as good as Smoke House, though.

                One of us had the pan fried John Dory, which was (I tasted) moist, perfectly prepared, very lightly breaded and sauteed in butter and garlic. Solid.

                The Chicken Pot Pie rocked! Huge, delicious flaky crust, filling with big moist pieces of dark meat in a cream based sauce, great vegetable, too much for one person to eat.

                The steaks looked great... the guys that ate them were utterly silent as they methodically put them away.

                Our server was a woman in her 50s who was fantastic.

                So, to summarize, expensive as all hell, and I'm not sure the value proposition is all that great, but the food was really solid. I felt good about the whole evening when I left,a nd that's not a bad measure of a restaurant, is it?

                1. what about dessert? the all time best cheesecake is right here.

                  1. We skipped dessert, having chowed our way through a lot, lot, lot of garlic toast, et al.

                    I am ashamed.