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Jan 8, 2007 07:42 PM

Cups in Astoria

Went by the other morning no one was in the place, sign outside says under new management?

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  1. Is the CUP closed and will reopen under new management? Or is it open under new management? I really like the place for lunch and was planning on a lunch and movie later this week. Thanks for your message.

    1. Isn't this about the third time or so that Cup is under new management?

      1. The Cup was open for business and the sign outside said under new management.

        1. Went to The Cup on Saturday night, after the movies. My companions all commented on how the menu had changed, but I was too dazzled by the visuals in "Dreamgirls" to focus on it, so I'm of no help there. More sandwichy, maybe? But the place was open, in any case.