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Jan 8, 2007 07:32 PM

Veritas or Gramercy Tavern?


I'm coming into town from DC and wanted to try both these restaurants, but have time for only one. Which do you think is better and why?


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  1. Six months ago I would have said Veritas but with Michael Anthony at the helm of GT I would have to with GT. I don't know if he has revamped the menu yet but the reports I've been hearing are all positive.

    1. If youre more into the wine and a more intimate atmosphere... go to Veritas. GT is much larger and while it has a well chosen list, can't compete with V.

      Both have vg/exc food... solid but nothing extraordinary. But don't get me wrong, both excellent places.

      1. I have not been a fan of GT, having never had a meal there that I ever considered stellar. Now that Michael Anthony has taken over the kitchen, I'm willing to give it another chance; however, thus far, the reports I've read from those who have been there since his arrival have been quite tepid. Chef Anthony's own menu is supposed to be unveiled sometime this month. The website, which is in the process of being revamped, does not show any menus, so it may not be in place yet. At this point, I'd hesitate to go there.

        Veritas is one of our favorites. Consistency is a hallmark of Chef Scott Bryan's superb New American cuisine. Not overly complicated, yet filled with wonderful flavors. The wine list, of course, is one of the most extraordinary around. Service is pleasant and polished. The small space has stylish contemporary decor, comfortable seating, just-right lighting, and a conversation-friendly noise level. We always leave Veritas feeling completely satisfied. No surprise that it would be my choice.

        1. The bar at GT is great but I will paraphrase what one of the bartenders said one night about a month ago when someone at the bar asked about the menu changes. He said that there had been some changes but the patron was better off with the old classics "for now". Then again, the next time we had some of the new food - memory a bit like a sieve - and it was very good.

          Been a long time since Veritas trip. Is it still as good as the rep?

          1. When I went, the food at Veritas was very simple, perhaps to better adapt each dish to a variety of wines. A sirloin steak came with haricots verts and potato puree, but I have to say it was the best rendition of this classic I'd had in a while, if ever. Our sommelier insisted on a Burgundy that--to us-- seemed too young for the $150 it cost, but it ended up wowing us; and at dessert a glass of Hungarian tokaj with a chocolate hazelnut thing remains one of the best pairings I've ever had. So if you're into great wine with simple but well executed food, go to VT. (For slightly more adventurous--but not necessarily better--food with good wine, go to Cru.)

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              I just went to Gramercy this past Saturday. Granted I sat at the bar (different menu) but the food was so underwhelming. I had the rabbit dish and the roasted chicken. Both good, but nothing extraordinary.

              Veritas on the other hand, remains one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Sublime food and wonderful wine (some very reasonable choices too).

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                There's a Bruni review of EMP and The Modern in the NYT today that suggests you'd be better off avoiding GT right now, for what that's worth. I've always enjoyed lunches in the front room there, but haven't been for quite a while.