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Jan 8, 2007 07:23 PM

Looking for Best Medium Priced Restaurants in La Jolla Area

We will be going to San Diego for the first time and would really appreciate RECS for medium priced American, Italian, Chinese, and Seafood restaurants. Thanks!

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  1. Jack's Grille maybe? - Jack's has 3 dinning rooms the Grille is the most casual, I've only been in their Ocean View room though.

    La Jolla is expensive.

    1. In La Jolla, Mission Cup Cafe and The Cottage have excellent breakfast/brunch menus for good prices. Mission Cup is also open for lunch and has a great lunch menu. Their style is Latino-Asian. Damage will run about $10-15/person.

      Piatti's in La Jolla Shores is a good, moderately priced Italian trattoria. Trattoria Aqua is pretty decent as well.

      A really great deal in La Jolla is Roppongi's happy hour from 4-6 pm everyday. All their tapas/appetizers are 50% off. Order 2-3 of them/person and you have a filling meal. Do skip their sushi b/c it's overpriced and mediocre.

      Come On In! also has good breakfast, baked goods and I think casual lunches.

      Barbarella (across from Piatti's) and El Pescador are supposed to be good, although I have not had a chance to try either yet.

      Jack's Grille is probably going to run you more than any of the places above, save Piatti's or Trattoria Aqua.

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        I Like Piattis as well. I have enjoyed the lamb sandwich for lunch.

      2. I'm assuming your asking about coatal LJ (w. of I5). For breakfast try Harry's coffee shop, huge menu, good food, friendly service, and moderate prices. Italian I would choose Manhattans, some items are a little $$$, but you can get the best cannaloni in town for $14-$15, and the house wine is good (Farneze Sangiovese @ $6 a glass/ 20 a bottle), ambiance is fantastic with tuxed out waiters, comfy booths, and beautiful saltwater fish tanks, retro clasic. Bully's in LJ has prime rib for 2 for around $35 bucks, also Ravenswood Jack London Zin for $28 a bottle. El Pescador in La Jolla would fit you bill for seafood, fresh, good prices, counter service (great for lunch or very casual dinner). I can't think of a good rec for Chinese in LJ, does one exist?

        1. I eat at Harry's all the time because my parents like to meet us there for breakfast, but I can't recommend the food. Soggy waffles with fake maple syrup in little peel-top containers, greasy eggs, limp bacon and undercooked hash browns. And that's on a good day. It's an institution though, so it continues.

          Here are some recommendations for medium priced LJ Restaurants - I can't be too specific about the type because these are a bit eclectic:

          George's Ocean Terrace (great view from the patio)
          Jack's Grille (really good food)
          Sammy's Pizza (pizzas, salads and bistro type entrees)
          Rimel's Rotisserie (tiny hole in the wall with good seafood near Come on In)
          Sandwiches from the Cheese Shop in LJ Shores or Girard Gourmet
          Brunch at Piatti, Brockton Villa or Mission Coffee Cup.
          For coffee and pastries I like the Pannikin on Girard - it's kind of an institution.

          You might also want to to travel south on La Jolla Blvd to Bully's or a place called Beaumont's - I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I've heard good things. Maybe someone else can weigh in.

          I've also heard good things about La Taverna, a tiny place just off Girard that might fit the bill for moderate priced Italian. There's also another place over on Herschel that is pricey but very good called Sante.

          Whatever you do, avoid the little cafe across from La Taverna - it has a name that has something to do with a bell, and it is AWFUL.

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            According to the Union Tribune, there was a fire at the Mission Coffee Cup over the weekend. Supposedly they will only be closed for a few months. The reopening can't come soon enough for me!

            1. re: uchound

              go to their sister restaurant in PB--Cantina Panaderia! Same menu, bigger place.

          2. For Thai, I think the best in SD is right in La Jolla

            It's called Spice & Rice...!


            check it

            san diego food blog

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            1. re: stangoldsmith

              What did you like about their Thai food? Was it particularly authentic or otherwise outstanding? I'm always on the look-out.

              1. re: Joseph

                I liked the spice levels (and complexities), they also offer any dish with any meat or vegetable you like. I got duck panang curry, tofu curry, something called thai wrap (spinach leaves with little giblets you spinkle on), etc. I'm especially a fan of their panang, which other restaurants seem to drop the ball on consistently. I hope you like it if you try it...

                1. re: Joseph

                  Spice and Rice is not bad and definitely one of the better Thai in SD but their dishes are often a little bit too sweet.