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Jan 8, 2007 07:15 PM

Best bakery in Chinatown East?

My hubby loves to get the curry beef buns and BBQ pork buns at Chinese bakeries. Since we're at the Broadview Chinatown almost every weekend, can anyone recommend a good bakery there? It's amazing how within a 10 minute radius, there's roughly 6-7 bakeries in that stretch! (Broadview, just south of Gerrard & Gerrard, east of Broadview). So which one has the most consisently good baked buns, etc.? Thanks!

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  1. I've gone embarrassingly blank about their name, but I like the one on the east side of Broadview toward the south end of the shopping strip. (The one that is NOT Tung Hing).

    I've found the bakeries on the west side of Broadview to be absolutely awful. Even revolting on more than one occasion.

    1. Yeah--what Embee said. On the east side, and I can't remember the name. The one I go to also has bubble tea and Vietnamese sandwiches, and might be Tung Hing, but next time I'll try the one that's not Tung Hing.

      ...also--what Embee said about the west side of Broadview, I've found to be true about the bakeries on the south side of Gerrard. Not so good...

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        I think the Phoenix is on the west side of broadview, no? We stopped there once and the staff were rude, so hubby vowed not to go there again. On the east side of Broadview, the only bakery I can think of is Tung Hing, but I *think* there was another one just south of it? I'm not too sure. But I've had a banh mi at Tung Hing so maybe it's time to look at the other stuff in there. (There's another Tung Hing east of Broadview on the north side, but I don't know if they're the same owners or not.)

        1. re: sierramum

          Yes, there is another bakery a few stores south of Tung Hing. That's the one.

          I've also tried two on the west side, and rate them worst and beyond worst....