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Jan 8, 2007 07:09 PM

Pine Nut Cookie Recipe

My Italian bakery has these great pine nut cookies. they are very delicate texture and slightly chewy with pine nuts pressed into the top. They might have ground almonds/egg whits, but I cannot tell.

Anyone have a recipe?

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    Here you go. I make these as part of my Christmas cookie assortment. You will need a food processor and sturdy mixer.

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    1. re: Candy

      This is a great recipe! I made these cookies for Christmas, and they were a huge hit. They taste like marzipan - very almond-y.

      It took me a while to get the timing right for baking; I like the cookies best when they're very light brown, not white or dark brown. But even the undercooked and overcooked cookies were fabulous.

      Note that these cookies don't keep very well, but that's probably not a problem. It's very easy to eat them all the first day.


      1. re: AnneInMpls

        I am going to experiment with these and the Chocolate Brownie Cookies and see how well they will hold in a Food Saver cannister. They are so tender that they would get crushed in a Food Saver bag. I have a couple of events in Dec. that I bake for. I usually save those two for last because they do go stale so quickly. With the cannister and the air vacuumed out I can do a 1 week test, if okay reseal and try what 2 weeks does and so on. I'll report next fall.