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Jan 8, 2007 07:06 PM

Using up ricotta cheese?


I made a couple of lasagnas, but I still have some ricotta cheese left. What are some things you like to make using ricotta cheese?


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  1. You can do cannelonni, similar to lasagna unfortunately, or if you look on the food network website, you can substitute it in some recipes for cream cheese like cheesecake, ricotta custards, almond cakes, or more savoury things like ricotta and cheese pies etc....hope it is helpful is the canadian site, it's probably or something otherwise....

    1. Pizza topping. Calzone filling. Maybe stuff a chicken breast or pork chop with it and some other stuff?

      1. Epi's Ricotta Spinach Pie is very nice...I like jazzing it up by adding a little chopped roasted red pepper to the filling and adding toasted pine nuts to the top...other reviewers say you can totally dispense with the crust for a lower carb dish:

        1. ricotta stuffed cherry tomatoes make a good appetizer

          mix ricotta with some chives, salt and pepper cut the top of the cherry tomatoes, stuff with mixture and bake for a few minutes at 350 until warmed through