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Using up ricotta cheese?


I made a couple of lasagnas, but I still have some ricotta cheese left. What are some things you like to make using ricotta cheese?


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  1. You can do cannelonni, similar to lasagna unfortunately, or if you look on the food network website, you can substitute it in some recipes for cream cheese like cheesecake, ricotta custards, almond cakes, or more savoury things like ricotta and cheese pies etc....hope it is helpful www.foodtv.ca is the canadian site, it's probably www.foodtv.com or something otherwise....

    1. Pizza topping. Calzone filling. Maybe stuff a chicken breast or pork chop with it and some other stuff?

      1. Epi's Ricotta Spinach Pie is very nice...I like jazzing it up by adding a little chopped roasted red pepper to the filling and adding toasted pine nuts to the top...other reviewers say you can totally dispense with the crust for a lower carb dish:


        1. ricotta stuffed cherry tomatoes make a good appetizer

          mix ricotta with some chives, salt and pepper cut the top of the cherry tomatoes, stuff with mixture and bake for a few minutes at 350 until warmed through

            1. We always put a bowl of ricotta on the table when serving ziti with tomato sauce, or linguine with clam sauce, to mix in while the pasta is hot. My husband won't eat either without, so I only serve them when I have leftover ricotta. Makes the sauce creamy without being overwhelming, and each person can add as much as they want.

              1. Mixed w parsley, garlic & basil it makes a great base for a white pizza.

                1. marcella hazan has a great simple recipe for dressing pasta with ricotta cheese, bits of smoked bacon and peas. I sautee the bacon, add some frozen baby peas and pour the hot panful over the pasta and cheese (oh, this also has grated pecorino and plenty of pepper) excellent.

                  1. From a dish on Prune's brunch menu (NYC): serve with honey, pine nuts, dried figs, and pears. Delicious!

                    1. I like to eat Ricotta and Nutella sandwiches sometimes. Gotta have good bread though.

                      1. I just made a whipped ricotta recently -- beat the ricotta like crazy with a bit of cream cheese, honey, and sugar until it was smooth (a food processor would probably be easier :-) -- yum! I put in some candied grapefruit peel, but it would also be good with berries or other fruit as a topping.

                        1. You can drain it (place it in a strainer, place a plate and weight on the ricotta, and set all in a big bowl), and use it as a pizza topping, with sauce, and meat/vegies. Give it a good half an hour or so, or longer for larger quantities.

                          Sometimes I just use up some by stirring into cooked spaghetti, for a very quick meal, albeit a bit bland. Could add vegies, meat, lemon zest, parsley, etc, if have on hand.

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                            Look up the Jamie Oliver cakes with ricotta. Great and delicious. Actually, one is a pie with a ricotta, choc., orange filling and lattice top. One of my all-time faves.

                          2. The carbonara recipe in the Zuni Cafe Cookbook (this month's coobook-of-the-month!) uses 1/2 cup of ricotta mixed with the beaten eggs. It's really really good!

                            Another thing that uses just a bit of ricotta is lemon-ricotta pancakes. I clipped a really excellent recipe out of a Williams-Sonoma catalog a couple of years ago, which calls for one cup each of milk and ricotta.

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                              I was just coming here to recommend the Zuni carbonara recipe, I absolutely love it.

                            2. There is s nice recipe on epicurious for a ricotta fritatta. I made it and it was quick, easy, and good and had few ingredients. I substituted oregano for marjoram and it came out great.

                              1. Can you freeze ricotta?

                                  1. We just had leftover ricotta here as well. We just mixed some cinnamon powder and sweetener in and ate it like that for dessert. It was pretty good.

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                                      Funny, I was just gonna post about my "new" favorite combo....ricotta with cinnamon and honey. I never would have thought it would be good but it is now my new favorite dessert. I used apple slices to scoop it up.

                                      1. Saute arugula and spinach in olive oil and red pepper flakes. Toss w/ ricotta over curly tubed pasta (cavatappi in some circle) w/ parmesan or romano on top. Toasted walnuts are great on top.