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Jan 8, 2007 07:05 PM

mashed potatoes - how long do they keep?

Can I eat mashed potatoes (made w/butter and milk) that are a week old, or am I asking for trouble??

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  1. A week in the fridge is probably the max, but it's easy to tell if it's'll look sorta glossy and taste's one food that's easy to tell if it's freezes quite well though, so next time maybe freeze it and reheat and it'll last a bit longer...?

    1. You won't beasking for trouble they just won't have optimal flavor. You might want to turn them into potato cakes or stir them into a soup as a thickener.

      1. I personally would not eat them but in the future, freeze them. I routinely put laftover mashed potatoes in portion servings, into freezer bags and squeeze the air out. When I need them for meal I stick it in the microwave and thaw them.

        1. When in doubt, throw it out. Cooked food stored properly in the frige should be used within three days. After that, it's up to you and your stomach. Reheat thoroughly. Time and temperature abuse are the critical factors with food. Next time, why not make mashed potato patties and freeze them to chow later. (I teach a foodservice class.)

          1. Wow - thanks for all the helpful replies!