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Jan 8, 2007 07:02 PM

Recent comments on Piola?

Going to Piola on Wednesday evening - anybody been lately?

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  1. Their Rio de janeiro pizza is fantastic. In addition to mozzarella, they use this cheese on it called catupiry which is what they described to me as a brazillian goat cheese - so delicious. I'd highly recommend that as it's something you're probably not going to find too many places.

    Their diavola is really good too.

    Also, they have great drinks.

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    1. re: downtownstefanie

      Catupiry is a kind of cream cheese, it's cow milk, not goat.

    2. also, since you're going on a wednesday, it should be much lower key as its been pretty loud and crowded when i went a few times on the weekend.

      1. I went a few weeks ago for the first time, and was sorely disappointed. The crust had very little flavor, no char, and was overly thick. Not crispy at all. Too soft. The sauce was not that great. The cheese was borderline terrible (on both versions of the margherita, the only pie I'd ever order at a respectable pizza place). This place is all about the toppings, I guess, although I wouldn't know. Long story short: I'll never be back. There are many far, far better options all over the city.

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          I just had dinner here last night and had a complete opposite experience.

          Started out with just the best, friendliness servers you could imagine. Patient with lots of recommendations on what to try and what to stay away from.

          WE started with capirinhas and Peronis - the capirinhas were perfectly made!

          We then ordered the bruschetta (freshly baked bread with fresh tomatoes, garlic & basil) for the 3 of us - it was light and super fresh and delicious.

          we then shared two pizzas, one from the bianci side and one from the regular side. The white pizza was the Istanbul with fresh mozzarella, arugula and sun dried tomatoes, And the other pizza was the Rio de Janeiro - tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken,
          catupiry cheese and parsley (the catupiry cheese was fabulous). The crusts on both pizzas was thin, crisp and properly charred. The "toppings" were judiciously applied making them both appear and feel light to the touch and taste. Very Roman in their appearance and taste also.

          The service was unhurried and extremely helpful, in fact we ate and drank in "courses" throughout the evening.

          Piola far exceeded my expectations and I will now add it to my list of favorite NYC pizza places.