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Jan 8, 2007 06:49 PM

Searching for Toronto Restaurant with Organic Steak

I am taking an honored guest to lunch in downtown Toronto and would like to go somewhere that serves a really great tasting source-verified organic or near-organic beef (no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, no growth hormones, no animal byproducts).

The ideal place would know the exact farm from which the animal came, but I'd be okay with somewhere that serves Kerr, Beretta, Fieldgate, or Cumbrae's etc., which source from a number of farms.

Even better if they can tell me the breed, what it ate, and how it was raised. (I like to know what's on my plate.)

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Try Niagara Street Cafe, at Niagara and King. I believe all of their meats are source-verified, naturally raised.

    Millie's Bistro, at Avenue just south of the 401, was using naturally-raised ingredients when it was owned by Gary Hoyer. Try giving them a call to inquire.

    1. i'm not nuts about sending people to Meating, because of the service issues they've had, but they've got a good selection of organic meats. it's a new steakhouse on yonge north of eglinton.

      1. You might try Jamie Kennedy Restaurant. They serve Cumbrae steak and are open for lunch. As for the steer's personals, I have doubts any place in town that can tell you that.

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          I'm told that Via Allegro (which is NOT downtown but not that far for your next meal) can actually tell you about the "steer's personals"! I haven't verified the information, but apparently they got annoyed with meat suppliers years ago and bought their own farm / raise their own livestock.



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            Thanks for the reco. Went there last week. They did a pretty good job in describing the meat as being from Cumbrae's, they weren't sure which specific farm, and that the breed was likely angus or angus/hereford cross.

            FYI, not sure if you've been there. Thought it was a nice place, though I was not overwhelmed by the food and for lunch found it very expensive.

          2. Expensive but worth it, try the 60 day dry aged steak at Thuet on King Street West. They are open for lunch..Some of the best bread as well..

            1. banu on queen street uses meat from the healthy butcher.