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Jan 8, 2007 06:09 PM

Raga on Smith

Hi all. Just wanted to post my experience at Raga on Smith St. I agree with most others that aren't many Indian restaurants in the neighborhood that are really up to par. Curry Leaf is the only place we occasionally order from, when the craving hits hard and I'm too tired/lazy to cook it myself.

But since Curry Leaf on Remsen is closed on Saturdays, and I had to have some bainghan bhartha, we decided to try Raga.

And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The eggplant dish was a bit oily, but it usually is, since its preparation calls for frying. It had a nice complex taste to it, though, probably due to the fresh cilantro. My husband had the chicken tikka masala and enjoyed it immensely. The shrimp madras was nice and spicy and the shrimps were very flavorful - not just boiled and thrown into the curry. The naan bread was perfect - a little bit crispy on the outside, but thick and chewy enough to stand up to the hearty curries. Unfortunately, the rice seemed day-old, and the samosas were not prepared well at all.

The dishes were a tad bit saltier than I might have liked, but not so bad as to ruin the flavors. And since their prices are slightly below that of Curry Leaf, we'll definitely be trying them out again.

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  1. Raga is the only Indian place I go to in the neighborhood. Glad to know I'm not alone!

    1. I actually really love Raga. I only eat the vegetarian stuff so cant speak for the meats. But I am alwayas happy. Their bread could be better.

      1. I also think, given the places I've tried in the neighborhood, that Raga is the best Indian place around. Not neccesarily the best in all of Brooklyn or NYC, but a very good option in the Cobble Hill area. Also, the people who work there seem incredibly nice. Their delivery is always prompt, another plus in my book when ordering in!

        1. The food I've gotten from Raga (2x, takeout) has been overly sweet, not spicy enough and kinda greasy. I've heard they can be uneven though, so maybe it was an off night.

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            I also had food there only once, delivered. It wasnt good and I've hesitated to order again...esp considering how empty the place always is. I've often wondered how they stay in business with so few in the dining room.

            Anyway, maybe I'll give it another try.

            1. re: Nehna

              Their business is all take-out

              1. re: kcc2004

                If that's the case, seems to me they'd be better off getting a smaller space with a very small dining area. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is hesitant to eat at a place that is consistently empty.

          2. Raga is pretty solid for the neighborhood. The spicey lamb with saag is quite good. Gotta ask for it spicey tho. Stay away from samosas, pakoras, and the malai kofta