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Jan 8, 2007 06:00 PM

Domaine Hudson

We'll be having dinner at Domaine Hudson on Friday with my daughter and her BF. This will be our first time there. Which menu items should we absolutely not miss?

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  1. All of the dishes we tried there were good for the most part. Since we were invited as guests of a local food critic (you could read the review from the NJ online still I am sure), we wound up having a bite or two of just about everything on the menu. I would give you recommendations on particular items, but the menu has changed since our visit. They do have smaller and larger plates, so you could always share a few dishes in a quasi-tapas style...

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      We just celebrated our wedding anniversary at Domaine Hudson, then went back week later with friends. The ahi tuna and filet mignon are delicious. The extended cheese menu is new -- very tasty cheeses from Artisanal Cheeses in NYC. They make a great starter or dessert. Owner Tom Hudson said that chef Jason Barrowcliff is introducing new menu items for the spring, so it's definitely worth revisiting soon. Tip: Reservations are a must, as the place fills up quickly.

      1. re: Nancy99

        Here's another plus for Domaine Hudson.
        Their wine selection is creative, fair priced and huge.
        They also have an intriguing cheese plate well worth trying.
        The service we had (Ray) was extra special. He really was very helpful and friendly.
        The Hudsons are a charming young couple who aim to please.
        They had a killer tomato/pepper soup which you must try.
        Get there early for a nicer noise level.