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Jan 8, 2007 05:53 PM

Afghan food?

Any tips on where to find good Afghan food in Toronto? There was a place on the Danforth, but I believe it closed. Craving their version of dumplings. Help!

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  1. We went to the place on Danforth a couple of years ago. It was quite good and very inexpensive. I wasn't aware that it closed down.

    There is a place called Kabul Farms Restaurant that I pass over every time I get on the ramp to the 400 from the 401. It's on Wilson, just below and to the east of the Hwy 400 ramp. I've been meaning to try it, but haven't gotten around to it. Please keep us posted.

    Kabul Farms Restaurant
    1723 Wilson Avenue
    North York, ON M3L 1A7, Canada
    (416) 241-5833

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      The place on the Danforth was Chopan Kebob House, now closed. When I was there about a year before it closed the food was disgusting. Kabul Farms ran a buffet. THe flat bread and cardomon tea were wonderful, the chicken was good. The rest was just quite sloppy. They are now closed, and the successor is an Afghani bakery that makes bread that I don't like at all. Recently and very favourably reviewed is Biryama (sp) off Don Mills in a plaza. My own opinion from a visit about 18 months ago is that the food was if it came from an Afghani McDonalds. And a bit expensive too.

      I do like Afghani cooking, but the stuff in Toronto is not good. Good was Arianna when it first opened on College St (35 years ago?) and places in NYC. But a caveat, I am Polish, so what do I know about Afghani cooking.

    2. On the North side of the Danforth, a block or so east of Donlands, there is a small Afghan place. It was my first time trying their cuisine, so I can't compare it to other places, but we enjoyed our meal. The only "bad" part was the constant Qu'ran chants playing in the background.

      1. Bamiyan Kabob Restaurant.. see for more feedback.

        It's an awesome place.

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          FWIW about a year ago I had the opportunity to talk to an Afghani. I asked where the best food was and this was the place he suggested.


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