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Jan 8, 2007 05:37 PM

Scourtins -- French olive cookies

I made Scourtins for the first time this weekend for a wine party, based on recommendations from Chowhound posters.

They came out well, even though I did find the dough a bit hard to manage (keep it cold for best results). I liked the cookies, but kind of wished they were a little more savory than they were, and I could not taste the olive oil at all (1 tablespoon) amidst the 9 tablespoons of butter. Both my husband and I thought that ground walnuts pressed on top of the dough would have made a really nice addition. And a friend of mine liked them a lot, but felt that for her maximum enjoyment, they could have used some rosemary and maybe even some pine nuts as well.

I think if I were to make them again, I'd try them with a little rosemary added to the batter, and crushed walnuts on top.

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  1. i love these cookies. i skip the rolling and cutting out part, just pat them into a rectangle on my silpat and then score it, bake, and cut them before they cool.

    I can totally taste the olive oil in mine. Were you using a really assertive EVOO? if you want it more savory, try sprinkling some fleur de sel or malden sea salt on top. rosemary sounds good. not sure about the walnuts, but then i am not a big walnut fan.

    I also like these cookies after they sit for a couple of days. the sugar gets into the olives and the salt from the olives gets into the cookie so the whole thing is a crazy sweet/salty flavor explosion.