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Jan 8, 2007 05:33 PM

new West Village Indian restaurant

Stumbled across a place called Karahi last night. According to the owner, it had been open for a few months. Excellent quality and obviously cooked with care--the food was very fresh and the sauces were homemade.

The BF ordered samosas, which I generally avoid because they're inevitably oily as hell, and heavy. But these were light and crisp. We also had a good chicken tikka masala and a rich vegetable dish (the name escapes me--something with cream). It was also clean and quiet. Maybe a little too quiet--I really hope business picks up because finding a reasonably priced restaurant in the neighborhood (let alone an Indian place!) is getting to be a problem nowadays.

Oh yeah, Christopher St, between Bleecker and Hudson.

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  1. I tried this place a couple months ago. We liked the quality very much... I'm actually not sure why we haven't been back, but I've definitely been meaning to order from them. They have a very large menu of all of our southern Indian favorites. Everything tasted very fresh and carefully prepared - definitely the highest quality standard Indian restaurant in the neighborhood with a large menu. (I don't put Surya in that category because I think of them as a little more creative. To be clear, Surya's quality is better, but their menu is not as extensive.)

    And, he'll even make you a chai masala tea if you ask for it, but be prepared to hear all about how he cooks it on the stove and why you'll have to wait 15 minutes for it because it takes up a burner.

    1. I'll have to see if they have a blazing vindaloo or not. Is that Southern? Here's the reason I've resolved to eat more curries: