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Jan 8, 2007 05:30 PM

In Pilsen, Mundial Cocina Mestiza or May St. Cafe?

My husband is truning 39 Friday and he loves Pilsen. I want to take him and 2 of our close friends to Mexican there. Which place has better food and atmosphere?

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  1. Also: where to go for a pre or post dinner cocktail? Looking for the best margarita in low key cute little place. thanks!

    1. I have heard and read good things about May Street Cafe. I would definitely go there over Mundial. I had a terrible experience there and DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!!

      We had a reservation at 8:30 and were not seated until 9:15. Our food came out cold and flavorless and not at the same time. When we informed the chef of our bad service, long wait and nasty food, she told us "they were overwhelmed" and offered us flan, which was disgusting. This was a terrible experience and a waste of time. DO NOT EAT HERE!

      1. Pancho Pistolas is "cute", and quite good. The best carne asada around. Lot's of great dishes. Nice exposed brick modern space. It's in Bridgeport though...31st and Union which is one block east of Halsted. Everything is great except for the margarita's.

        1. FYI: May St Cafe was on Check Please last Friday (1/5/06) and it got great reviews. (I certainly want to go now.) But that may cause some problems with the whole Check Please affect.

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            edit: the Check Please was a re-run that orginally ran a year ago so it might not be as crazy or they got used to the rush. Sorry for the mistake

          2. I posted our unfavorable experience at May Street Cafe a few weeks ago. I don't know about the other restaurant, but I would not recommend May Street Cafe. Check out this thread. My comment is at the end.