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Jan 8, 2007 05:12 PM

Where can I find chirimoyas in the Boston area?

When I studied abroad in Spain my host family always had a fruit called a Chirimoya (cherimoya). It was delicious and ever since then I've been craving chirimoyas. Does anyone know where I could find them in the Boston area?

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  1. i have found them at the Stop&Shops and Marketbaskets in my area (merrimcak valley).

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      Found them there too, at my local stores. Any store in an area with an Hispanic population, Stop and Shop, Shaws, etc.

    2. Oh man, this is awesome news. I, too, studied abroad in Spain and would never forget when my "host grandmother" would halve a chirimoya for us and hand us a spoon. King of fruits. :)

      Anyone seen these in the city as well?

      1. Popular with Brazilians too.

        1. Cherimoyas are big in Chile too. I dont think they are in season now. I used to get a case of them delivered to my mom around mothers day from a company out of CA that grows them (and Avocados) I believe it was called Calimoya?

          My mom loved them. I should do that again this year.

          Have you guys heard of lucumas?

          1. I've seen them at Arax in Watertown and also Russo's.

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            1. re: cheryl_h

              Thanks for the suggestions. I did see a sign for them recently at Market Basket but they didn't have any left :(. I'll definitely try Russo's though.