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Jan 8, 2007 05:07 PM

Nurnberger Bierhaus vs. Killmeyers

I made my belated first visit to Nurnberger Bierhaus on Staten Island on Friday night. It was fantastic, really. I had a fasntasic Ziegenurschnitzel (veal with a red pepper sauce), my hubsand had a warm potato skillet toppped with jaegerscnhitzel and our companions ahd smoked porkchops and an amazing roast pork dish. The food was light years better than what we have had at Killmeyers. Whereas the Killmeyer's dishes seemed rather cafeteria like, Nurnberger was incredibly homey and warm.

And the beers? Don't even get me started. My husband had a Dinckleacker Dark that made him swoon.

Totally worth the ferry ride. YUM.

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  1. Where is this located? sounds great!

    1. It is at 817 Castleton Ave. on Staten Island - the number 46 bus from the ferry drops you off practically right in front. Tell the bus driver you need to get off at Davis Ave. and Castleton. Probably a ten minute bus ride...

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        Looks fab - thanks for the tip on the public transportation, too. I often take visitors for a ride on the ferry and never know where to get a bite to eat in Staten Island.

      2. i'm a big fan of nuernberger bierhaus as well. it's so hard to find decent german eats in nyc and, while i don't think anyone's going to mistake the food here with what you'd get in the mother country (or perhaps even wisconsin), it's not bad at all, which makes it very good by nyc standards. getting there, your best bet is to drive if you have access to a car, of course.

        here's what the ny times had to say about this place:

        and here's some other chowhound discussion about it:

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          nurenburg is awesome. much better than killmeyer's which has gone way down hill in recent years

        2. I love Nurnberg. I love to have the Dab beer, mothers mushroom appy, potato pancakes,and we share a potato plate. Good stuff. Friendly people. Haven't been able to get there in a while but have been thinking about it alot!!!

          1. Beer garden is open... separate menu with a grill going... wursts, burgers etc. and cheap!