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Jan 8, 2007 05:04 PM

Rodizio Steakhouse in North Providence, RI a BIG Disappointment

Tried the Rodzio Steakhouse hoping to try the Brazilean style of serving meats at tableside but left very disapointed. Had high hopes Saturday night as the place was very busy and had a 40 minute wait for a table. There is a buffet area which is not that great and they advertized many different kinds of beef but it was at least 30 minutes waiting at my table for a "gaucho" (their term) to offer any kind of beef. Kept being offered chicken, turkey, and sausages, which I don't mind sampling, but I wanted beef.

In short, I got very little of what I wanted and mediocre buffet items for $27/person.

I do like the concept of Rodizio but I hope to try a good Rodizio in the future. Any ideas where I can go?

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  1. Wow, that sounds completely different from my experience there. I have eaten there on 3 occasions over the past several months, and each time all manner of meat was brought to us almost as soon as we sat down, and continuously until we told them to stop!
    I found the items on the buffet to be fresh and diverse also. My SO and I think this place definitely has their act together and delivers a consistently great meal.

    1. a friend just went this week on a friday also, he stated that the food was terrible.
      this friend eats out almost every weekend somwhere in this state, so his opinion is very reliable. my sister had gone there when it first opened and the food was good, but not like was advertised on the local infomercial, and i noticed the price has been also adjusted from 26 to 28 plus, too many restaurant choices in this state to wait anywhere for forty minutes.

      1. Hum, I was hoping to try Rodizio soon myself... These reports are disappointing...

        Has anyone tried the churrascaria dinner at Cafe Brazil in East Providence? I've only done the lunch buffet, which I've enjoyed (although I don' t know "authentic" Brazilian...).

        - Garris

        1. My wife and I went to Rodizzio's Steak House in North Providence on Saturday night 11/17/07. We had heard some nice comments prior to our visit. Unfortunately, we were very dissapointed. The food was mediocre at best. The atmosphere was again, mediocre. The servers or grauchos...(whatever they call them)... descended upon you like vulchers after you turned the "indicator" to green. The sad part is, the portions of beef are tiny little carvings. Each piece of meet carved is about a couple of bites. Granted, you can have them come back as much as you want, but it's more of an aggrivation having a line of meat cutters serving you luke warm beef, chicken, pork, etc.

          The bar was mediocre. I was dissapointed with the fish with stuffing. It was not warm enough. I wouldn't say it was "cold" but it definitely wasn't warm/hot. I've seen a better bar at much less expensive resturants.

          All in all...the I'd give it a rating of 4 out of 10. The total price for both my wife and I was slightly over $90 with the tip. That included a beer and one martini.

          1. I was hoping to try this place tonight but after reading the posts I think I'll stay clear.

            For a real Brizilian Rodizio the best one I have been to is in NY, bit of a drive for dinner but if you look at their website you will get a better idea of what it should be like.


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              Totally aggre with this person i have been there in NT twice top shelf as long as you can consume that much meat. Remember all you can eat should tell you something about a restaurant. :)

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                except in this case, a Rodizio is a Brazilian "thing". It's not like the US idea of "all you can eat crap buffet for cheap". Rodizios are, to the best of my understanding (as someone who has only travel shows to go by), supposed to be a good sort of dining experience in Brazil, not a cheapo cop out of crappy food. :)