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Mysterious Illness Requires Culinary Cure

Howdy Hounds!

My honey is sick. Weird GI symptoms as well as the makings of a nasty cold. I'd like to fix him some nice comfort food tonight. He often neglects fluids when ill, so there's that to consider. Otherwise, I think he'll be up for pretty much anything.

Thanks y'all. Have a great Monday!


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  1. Chicken soup with your choice of carbohydrate, rice, noodles etc. Carbs will comfort. If he can handle some hot chiles in the soup they can be sinus opening and the endorphins they stimulate will also help him feel better too.

    1. sometimes you just gotta make mac and cheese. of course I have no idea if that is okay for GI symptoms, but it's a comfort food.

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        I'd stay away from anything with dairy...

        Kosher penicillin, AKA chicken soup, is good for any illness, usually.

      2. garlic soup (but only if he is a garlic fan of course!)

        1. Ginger is great for settling stomachs.

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            I agree, and its great for a cold too! Recently, I had similar symptoms, and I made myself an infusion of ginger, limes, and honey. It was really good, and seemed to help a little bit.

          2. Most any kind of soup is good, but I'd especially recommend a good spicy Chinese hot and sour soup, for the endorphin & sinus reasons Candy mentions above.

            1. Rice. When I was younger and we had dogs, the vet told us to feed the dogs rice when they were sick. If anything would stay down and in them and not run through them, it was rice. Don't want to be graphic, but you don't lose it too quickly out of either end, and when it comes out where it should, it will be solid if anything has a chance at being solid.

              Putting rice in broth with some fat (no non or law fat broths, he needs enrgy), and perhaps some of the other suggestions above might be good.

              1. I just had that issue the past couple weeks and it's finally clearing itself all up *sniffle..sniffle*

                For the past week + I have lived on jasmine rice w/ chicken stock and butter (earth balance) - lemon italian ice & green ginger tea as well as sleepy time tea.

                Oh P.S. - Non food related but if the husband just started showing signs of a cold start gargling peroxide and also rinse each ear out with it nightly. It will stop that cold in it's tracks.

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                  seriously? gargling hydrogen peroxide? the 3% stuff? WOW! it never occured to me to put that in my mouth.

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                    Yep - the 3% - it works miracles =)

                2. I would try jook, aka congee. The Epicurious recipe (see link) comes close to the 'bare bones' kind of jook made in a lot of Chinese-American homes, but I would leave out the scallops and also stick with the short-grain rice and not add the glutinous (sweet) rice.


                  1. My firm belief is that miso soup is a miracle drug. It is what I always want when I have a cold (knock wood).

                    1. Cooked basmati rice (or other type, if you prefer) with a side of plain yogurt. Yogurt is excellent for balancing a queasy stomach, and the rice, as Captain and Andlulu commented, is effective at calming the insides down. Used to be married to a Persian, and he said the yogurt and rice combo were the standby treatments for gastric distress in his country.