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Jan 8, 2007 04:48 PM

Lobster in Houston Area

Where is a reasonable place to get Lobster in the Houston area (not Red Lobster, please)?

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  1. i had one at mccormick and schmicks not too long ago. the drawn butter was incredible. i don't remember it being too expensive. you should also check out the new restaurant called oceanaire in the westin galleria.

    some other chains come to mind: truluck's, pappa's seafood house, pappadeaux, and willie g's

    1. If you don't mind cooking your own, go to Hong Kong Market on Bellaire. They have tanks of regular-sized and GIANT lobsters at very reasonable prices. The great thing about eating lobster at home is that you can go at it with gusto without worrying about who's watching!

      1. Well, there's a Palm in Houston, and I've never had a bad meal in one of their restaurants. Be prepared to pay the big bucks . . . .