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Jan 8, 2007 04:21 PM

Best Indian in East or South Bay

Looking for a good Indian place to take my parents for dinner in Feb. Have tried tons of Indian in the east and south bay, and just haven't found a favorite: we like Masala in Danville, but sometimes the food is inconsistent; Have tried Amber in south bay and found the service so snotty that I can't enjoy the food; downtown Mountain View Shiva is fine, but not great. We like our Indian spicy and full flavored and aren't concerned about fat. Hole in the wall places are fine. We are in San Ramon, and would prefer something closer to that vicinity. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Breads of India on Sacramento and Dwight is good, although it can be slightly heavy, definately bring your appetite when you go.

    1. Favorite Indian Food on "A" Street in Hayward. Tiny place, good food and friendly atmosphere.

      1. Swagat in Milpitas
        Daawat in Union City
        Masala Grill in Fremont
        Udupi Palace in Newark
        Vik's in Berkeley
        Indus Village in Berkeley

        Did Curry Corner ever reopen?

        1. Have you tried Tabla in Pleasanton or Dublin? A friend was there recently reported favorably. Here's a thread with more information on the Foster City branch.