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Jan 8, 2007 04:14 PM

Bring 'Bookmark' Back!

I find the 'Watch this Topic' option to be annoying...I just want to have the topic added to 'MyChow'...then I can "Watch" the topic when I want to. I get enough emails as it is...I don't need you to tell me when there are new topics added. Please don't make us go through extra steps (e.g. opting out of emails)...that's just bad service. I say, bring back the "Bookmark" option...also, keep the 'Watch this Topic' for those who want to get more emails everyday.

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  1. But, you only have to go to the extra step of opting out of e-mail notifications once, by clicking on "edit settings" on your "My Chow" page, then clicking (or unclicking, can't remember which one) the "e-mail notification" options box. Surely this isn't that difficult, to set up your preferences once.