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Jan 8, 2007 04:01 PM

New Crab Place in SGV ..sort of like Boiling Crab

There is a new restaurant on Garvey Ave between walnut grove and rosemead blvd, It's sort of like Boiling Crab. It's a small resturant with no more then 15 tables. The taste isn't as good as Boiling Crab but good enough if you don't want to travel too far to the OC while you're in the SGV area. The restaurant's name is called Crabulous..(something like that).

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  1. Job well done. I'll check it out.

    1. That's a good one for tomorrow on our weekly forays to the SG valley - been twice now to the Chinese Islamic where the food it tops and the ambiance including the guests makes you think you are eating in that part of the world where Chinese Islamists live. Nice serving persons too. The greatest indulgence is to order both kinds of bread - the big loaf that looks like a huge ricotta pie and the flat one - my favorite. The leftovers are good with scrambled eggs the next day.

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        1. re: BeenThereAteThat

          As I recall, I did mean the latter!

        2. re: ZoeZ

          I'm sorta new to Chowhound. I've seen cross multiple posts talking about "Chiense Islamic restaurant". What is it really?

          Is it something like this --

          Cause if that's what everyone refer to, then I guess they are talking about the one that's in Rowland Height inside the corner plaza of Fullerton/Colima, and there's also another one on Garvey/Del Mar.

          1. re: kelvlam

            Yes, that should be the kind of restaurant ZoeZ is talking about... there are several around San Gabriel and Rowland Heights, I believe. I've been to the one in Rowland Heights that you refer to, kelvlam... it's called VIP something or other, right?

        3. Might check this out tonight. Any more details? I want to call ahead to make sure they'll be open by the time I get out there...didn't see anything on Garvey in the LA Public Health database that matched your description, but I kinda skimmed the list quickly...

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          1. re: Argyle of Sock

            sorry, I didn't grab a card when I was there, it just open late decemeber so it wouldn't be int he LA public health database yet.

          2. ohhh yes! so they have the crawfish in the bag too right... right?! =P

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            1. re: rameniac

              yes, they have fresh crawfish, dungeness crab, blue crab, shrimp, bascially everything that Boiling Crab has. Their sauce isn't as thick as Boiling Crab but the taste is still there...

              1. re: fishybear10

                if anyone would like to meet me i'll be there every night from now until the end of the month. LOL. just kidding. but i am SO there...

            2. New Cajun Asian in SGV?

              Has anyone been or know the exact address?

              I'll go and write a report, take photos, whatever, but I need to know where it is.

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              1. re: Hershey Bomar

                yes, the resturant is called's on garvey ave. between rosemead blvd and walnut grove., don't pass rosemead blvd...or else you have gone to's a small restaurant on your right if the direction you are heading towards is east.